Surf excel – ‘Little Story Tellers’ Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the Surf excel – Little Story Tellers contest which was held on Facebook. Here are the winning entries!

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Veena Vinyas’s Story

My dog name is Sparkle. One day we left him home and went for shopping.When I returned home I saw my room was full of mess, Sparkle was simply standing there. So, I thought Sparkle should have done that and was very angry on him.

I took a stick and started beating him. He was running and I was running behind him. Then I thought without beating being friends is a best way. So, I stopped beating and hugged him.

Even then also he was very sad, I didn’t know why he was sad. So, I thought that maybe it was not him that made my room so messy. So next day I went out of the house and saw what was going on in my room. What  I saw was that all the toys that I had kept in a box under my bed, were the once who played in my room and made all the mess. I simple thought that it was Sparkle, after knowing that I fed him and we both started playing on my bed with the toys. So, now whenever I go outside, I leave Sparkle and the toys to play in my room, only If they don’t mess up my room and just play, even I play with them quite often.



Ruchika Rajput’s Story

The dog used to talk but he was very annoyed with the bees, who used to stay in the park too. One day little dog found something very tasty in the park and all the bees also found the same thing very tempting. Dog was very happy as he was thinking that he is the only one who will have it but as dog started eating it , all the bees attacked and snatch the food from him. When the dog tried to take it back, they all disturbed the dog with their noise. Dog was very disappointed and was looking for a solution. Parth Rajput who used to go in the park frequently, asked the dog why are you so disturbed, dog explained the reason of his unhappiness. After listening to his problem , Parth said that if they all become your friend then also you will hate them to which the dog reply with a no. Parth met all the bees and made them understand that dog is very good and supportive and you all should be friends. Bees agreed and from then onwards they all became good friends and never fight with each other.

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