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Here are the 5 things that we did over this week

Day 1 and Day 2 – Doll House from crap around the house

Kids and I created a doll house from all the waste material around the house. It is a wonderful way to re-use unwanted things and create something beautiful. Shoeboxes, used batteries, pencil shavings, match boxes, discarded gift wrappers etc have been us Read the remaining days experiences as well

Day 3 – Bird spotting

We took advantage of the decent weather at Chennai and walked over to a nearby lake for some bird spotting. Sometime we never appreciate what is easily accessible to us. It was only walk able distance from our house and for 6 years we never bothered to visit it!!! Parrot near our house (discolored due to aberrations) Read the remaining days activities as well

Day 4 – Planting

We took some methi seeds, coriander seeds and planted them on our terrace. The kids enjoy nurturing and planting them and unlike most seeds these grow really fast. So the kids had the fun of watching them grow within a day or two and by Day 7 we had something to show. Read the other days activities as well uploaded separately from this ID

Day 5 and Day 6 – Quilling

Quilling is a beautiful art where kids learn to use long strips of paper to create art. The kids learnt the art of quilling. We made some lovely Thank You cards and posted it using quilling art and foam stickers (Yes we posted it and did not email it. Please note!). I I have only one quilled piece out of the dozen we made. And here it is. Read the remaining days activities uploaded separately as well

Day 7 – Painting on Canvas

Now the art bug had truly bitten us. We went out and bought this really nice painting kit by numbers. It is quite simple – kids paint using the numbers given. One important point to note – anything painted on canvas invariably always turns out better than if it is done on paper. Read the rest of the week activities on separate posts

Day 1 to Day 7 (Mom)

And here is painting I made over Days 1 to 7 in bits and pieces. This is probably the first one I have ever made on this scale in 16 years Read about the weeklong activities in 6 other posts

Aprajita Trivedi


Nowadays our kids get ignored out of this busy life and they adopt computer and video games as their companion. So I think 1st of all we must get determined to spare at least half an hour for our kid every day and let them introduce with our childhood games like gulli danda, athaa goti , kitkit and so many with which we spend our childhood and I am sure if we will show that enthusiasm they feel attracted automatically and these activities will help in their development too.

Deepali Damani


I will Keep a good supply of balls, bats, rackets, shuttlecocks, jump ropes, Frisbees, bikes, and other outdoor objects handy. Go to the parks, the pool, or the football field and be active together. Encourage older kids to go by themselves and play sports with friends. Enroll my kids in sports classes, either team or individual, depending on our kids’ expressions of interest.

Deepika Kale


What you do will demonstrate to the kids. Watch less TV yourself, remove any TV from your bedroom, participate in the kids’ activities, and be active in sports, Keep outdoor objects handy. Go to the parks or the football field and be active together. Enroll kids of all ages in sports classes. Visit anywhere that gets them away from the TV. Kids are learning about their world every day. To assist their self-exploration and to perk their curiosity, provide a range of alternative activities.

Hema Dhawan


Someone rightly said, “the earth has music for those who listen.” I believe in this and encourage my 3.5 yr daughter also to do so. In mornings, we spend this time with our breakfast bowl, in the balcony. We talk about color of sun and sky, listen to birds tweeting and appreciate beauty of flowers. This morning activity keeps her fresh throughout and makes her connected to nature and also inquisitive and sensitive. Story session, outdoor play and happy family time are a few other things I do.

Piyusha Suresh Choudhary


I take my sweet kid with me on some shopping so that he can select his items on his own, I visit zoo with my kid every month. I show him how I cook food and he enjoys it too. He loves to click photographs so I go out with him every day after he finishes his homework to some cool places where he can click some really good pictures. He regularly plays with his friends in our society park. And in the evening he go on a walk with me n his father

Hetal Waghela


Choose the programs our children will watch, and stick to the schedule Encourage children to cultivate the reading habit. Help her develop other hobbies such as building models, drawing. Get her interested in sports



We engage our 3 yr old son Prithvi in favorite games, especially since he loves to reason every existence; I play his favourite games with him and distract his TV craze. We even encourage him to choose and buy his favourite games which gives him ample freedom for involvement and understanding

Anup Basti


In my opinion, parents must recognize and nurture the hidden talents of their children so that they can grow up to be themselves and not someone from the TV. Children please divert your mind away from television to art, sports, games, singing, dancing and academics. Get rid of the idiot box before it gulps up your precious time that you could spend otherwise exploring yourself and the beautiful life outside! So kids, go out there and live your life to the fullest.

Anu Arora


My kid is 7 year old. When his study is over (I helped him in his study) and after I cooked dinner, then I called him and asked him for help like give me tomato, water or took utensil in rake and when we cooked rice than asked him to take plates inside the room. In that way he away from TV and beside this we spend more time and talked more.

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