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A green t-shirt emblazoned with recycling symbol hanging on a washing line.

Save the Environment:

by Making Best out of Waste for Kids

Making the best out of waste has been a part of human life since the early ages. It was the human creative mind that gave birth to this extraordinary idea of using unwanted material in a useful way. Be it the thermocol used inside a TV packing or a ear bud, each and every thing can have reuse value in this world – either as a useful raw material or as a decorative item for your house.

This habit of getting the best out of waste should be instilled in kids from an early age, not only to teach them about recycling but also to encourage their creativity.

Why Create Craft from Waste?

In today’s world recycling has a very important place. There are a lot of things around that are labelled as dump. But the irony is that most of the dump collected is useful for others if recycled.

Hence utilizing the best from unwanted things has become a generic necessity of every human’s life. These craft from waste activities can be incorporated into your kid’s childhood to make for a greener future.  

Art and Craft Ideas from Waste Material

Starting with recycled craft ideas is the best way to introduce how to make the best out of unwanted stuff to your kids. There are numerous activities which you can do together using waste materials and other craft materials like coloured papers, scissors and sticking glue.

The following art and craft ideas from waste materials include fun, educational activities as well as the chance to make your own homemade gifts. These crafts activities can also be repeated and shared amongst friends. You could start with creative craft ideas like a hat, paper vase, festival decorations etc. and then follow these up with greeting cards, toys, paper jewellery etc. Some easy projects for kids to ignite their artistic potential with crafts from waste include:

Paper Boats and Masks

Paper boats are one of the easiest of craft ideas to create with just a piece of recycled paper, such as an old newspaper and a bit of folding. This paper could then be decorated and coloured to make it more attractive. Paper masks are often used during kid’s birthday parties and for playing dress up; these are also very easy to make using unwanted paper and various decorative items such as glitter. These crafts are simple to make and will ensure your kids want to continue making exciting waste material crafts!

Sparkle finger painting

Take a hard sheet of unwanted paper such as a cereal box, paints, and some glitter. Use your palm, fingers and thumb to create different shapes and objects. This could even be a group activity involving kids and elders where you can incorporate little and large hands into the design and create various shapes. Sprinkle the paint with glitter whilst still wet and then leave to dry. This paper can then be framed and put up in your home, or your little one’s artwork could be given to a friend or relative as a gift.

You can also let your child play around with paint on sheets of recycled paper and create their own paintings. And when you have a trusted partner like Surf excel with you, the soiled clothing they create in the process will never be a worry for you!

Musical instruments

Create your own musical instruments using empty water bottles. Fill your recycled bottles with things such as rice, chickpeas, or sand and let your kids experiment with sound! You could also try creating your own guitar with an old cardboard box: cut a large hole in the middle and tape elastic bands across the hole.

Your recycled guitar box can then be strummed away by your little musician. Get their friends involved and make a whole band of musicians with instruments made from waste material.  

It’s great to see kids show off their crafts from waste materials, so do not let the soiled clothes they have earned in the process lower your spirits because as long as there is Surf excel in the house, there is nothing to worry about. Kids learn the messy way; don’t stop them from exploring their creativity through messy arts and crafts!

Importance of Teaching Craft from Waste at Young Age

As children grow up, they have a wide variety of technology to play around with like laptops, games consoles, tablets and mobile phones, meaning sometimes they can miss out on the importance of spending time creating their own crafts.

Therefore, it becomes highly important to incorporate arts & crafts into their life at very young age. This way it will be easier for children to maintain their interest in making crafts for years to come and help save the environment at the same time by encouraging them to create art from waste materials.