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A green t-shirt emblazoned with recycling symbol hanging on a washing line.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for Kids!

At Surf excel, we understand the impact each person and his or her actions can have on the environment. The earth may be a big place, but every little thing we do does count, and there is no better way to make an impact than practicing the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Kids and adults alike should know this, but as parents, how can we teach our children the benefits and importance of recycling?  In this article, we’ll explain the three R’s to you and suggest some ways for your kids to learn about them, too – and have fun while doing it!


What is Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle?

The “three R’s” are the basic rules we can follow to make our earth a cleaner place: REDUCE the amount of waste you create.  The quicker we go through products and the more packaging we throw away, the faster landfill sites become full. REUSE containers and products in creative ways, instead of tossing them in the bin.

For example, when your child outgrows their clothes, you could pass them on to a younger sibling or relative. RECYCLE tins, plastic, paper, and cardboard according to the recycling facilities available to you locally. The world’s rubbish dumps are filling up at unimaginable rates, making it important that we don’t fill them with materials that can be easily recycled and processed into other products.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for Kids

So now that you know the 3 R’s, how can you teach these important lessons to your children so they can learn the benefits of recycling?  Here are some fun ideas:

  • Reduce the amount of rubbish your kids create. You can reduce, reuse, recycle your kids’ belongings with their help. Instead of writing only a few lines on a piece of paper, perhaps they could fill a whole page with their writing and drawing. Instead of throwing away their uneaten food, they can make sure to eat their whole portion. How full are their rubbish bins by the end of each week? Can they aim to create half as much rubbish? You can reward your kids for reducing the amount of rubbish they create with a small treat!
  • Challenge your children to come up with creative ways to re-use containers and leftover packaging. An empty tin can be filled with dirt and planted with flower seeds, or an empty Surf excel Matic box can be used to store your child’s collection of seashells or pebbles – use your imaginations!
  • Suggest fun art and craft projects using leftover materials. Kitchen roll tubes, cardboard boxes, tin cans, egg containers – with a little creativity, some paint, crayons, glue, and glitter, these could be transformed into a castle, a doll, or a toy spaceship. Keep a stash of clean, empty containers somewhere, and let your child’s imagination run wild!
  • Make recycling an important part of your household. Set aside special recycling containers, so your children know where they should put used paper, cardboard, tins, glass, and plastics. If there is a local recycling centre, you and your kids can take the recycling there. If your community has a Kabari, your kids can sort the recyclable materials and make them ready for collection.

If you give your children a sense of responsibility as they practice the 3 R’s, they’ll understand the impact they can have on the world – not just in terms of helping the environment, but also in other positive ways, too. If there’s one thing they can learn from Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, it’s that the world is a big place – but one they can change for the better!