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A boy and two girls climbing a large tree barefoot.

The Importance of Trees for Kids:

Have Fun, Get Dirty, and Plant Something!

If we want to save our planet for the future and improve our present day life too, planting trees is a must. It is rightly said, ‘The least a human could do is plant a tree to compensate the harm they cause to the planet daily.’ That’s why it’s so important to teach our kids about the importance of trees!  

The Importance of Trees for Kids

The best way to teach kids about the importance of trees is to demonstrate eco-friendliness by example. If they see you planting trees and caring for the environment, they will value the idea.

Make a point of to planting trees on a regular basis and get your child involved in the whole process. Have a mini garden of your own if possible.

Teach them how to plant trees,even if it means growing small 4 to 5 potted plants in your balcony. Teach them how to take care of these trees, and make them responsible for the daily watering process.

Only you as a parent can teach your child about the importance of trees and valuing the environment, and thereby create a positive impact on their mind right since a young age. You can also enroll them for a monthly class of planting activities for kids offered around your area.

Such activities could provide detailed information about the importance of trees for kids, how to plant different type of trees, and how to nurture them. They may come back totally dirty and with soiled clothes after such sessions – but a good bath for them and a little Surf excel for their clothes is all you need to get rid of this small hurdle.

A little dirt removal is worth it if the whole process is able to instill in their minds the importance of the greater cause they are contributing towards. Join Surf excel’s ‘Pledge to be green’ movement today: a passion for safeguarding the environment is the best gift you could give your children.