Sustainabilty for Kids

Sustainability for Kids

It’s never too early for kids to start learning about the many small ways that they can be kind to the planet. Celebrating things like Earth Day and World Water Day isn’t just a great way to teach your children about environmental issues – it’s fun, too! We’ve got plenty of ideas on how to get the whole family living sustainably, including global warming facts and recycling activities for kids.

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  • The Importance of Trees
    The Importance of Trees
    Here are some fun activities that will help you to teach your kids about the importance of trees!
  • World Environmental Day
    World Environmental Day
    This year, World Environmental Day falls on June 5. It’s a great opportunity to help your child understand the importance of clean water and the effects of water pollution.
  • How to Prevent Global Warming
    How to Prevent Global Warming
    These simple tips will explain how you and your kids can make a few easy changes to help reduce global warming.
  • Best out of Waste for Kids
    Best out of Waste for Kids
    Reuse items & teach your kids to help save the environment with these waste material craft ideas!
  • Posters on Water Pollution
    Posters on Water Pollution
    Water pollution is one of the most prominent environmental concerns throughout India - raise awareness by making these inspirational posters!
  • Reduce Reuse Recycle for Kids
    Reduce Reuse Recycle for Kids
    Teaching kids about the importance & benefits of recycling is fun with these tips!

Inspire your kids to go green

Make recycling for kids fun with recycling challenges, games and crafts! Encourage them to find fun ways to use up notebooks and pieces of paper, show them how to craft with things like empty toilet rolls and egg cartons – you can even use an empty bottle and some leftover food scraps to make your own bird feeder. Check out our articles for more ideas!

Challenge your little ones to save water every day with simple actions like turning off the tap when they brush their teeth. You can even make water conservation for kids into a family competition – whoever showers in the shortest amount of time gets a sticker!

Kids are more likely to make a habit of something if it’s fun, so challenge them to find an electricity-free game to enjoy for one hour each day. Switching electronics off for a little while each day is a good idea for adults, too, so why not get the whole family to spend some time outdoors together?

Cultivate an interest in your children for the world around them by showing them the beauty of the natural world – admire flowers, local parks and any birds that come into your yard together. You can also use our Earth Day and World Environmental Day ideas as an opportunity to impart some global warming facts for kids!