How to Help Tackle India’s Water Pollution Problem at Home

Child playing in clean water - showing the importance of water pollution prevention

To celebrate World Water Day, we give you some ideas as to how your family can contribute to the solution of water issues at home.

Leaving the water running when brushing your teeth. Taking an extra-long shower in the morning. Running an air-conditioning unit or chilled cooling unit all the time on a hot day. When your water supply is plentiful and clean, you and your children might not have a second thought about doing any of these things. However, with World Water Day this Friday, March 22 – and with the hot summer months lurking just around the corner – it is more important than ever to consider how you and your family can help tackle the problem of water pollution and water scarcity. It is a great time for everyone to analyse their water usage, look for easy and convenient ways to reduce waste, and learn more about the causes and effects of water pollution in this country.


Water Scarcity and Water Pollution across India

Clean water - help prevent water scarcity

The effects of water pollution and supply concerns can be seen throughout India, both in the home and at work. In a domestic setting, limited water supply and the quality of the water itself can turn what should be simple, easy household chores into mammoth tasks; hard water can make doing laundry difficult, as the quality of the water affects the way that the detergent works. In a commercial setting, you can think about the millions of Indians employed in the fishing industry, who have to deal with the effects of water pollution and water scarcity everyday. Today, India is one of the world’s leading suppliers of seafood, but if pollution levels continue to rise, will this still be the case in five or ten years? Yet, some of India’s larger cities benefit from a continuous supply of clean and pure water, water that is soft enough to make doing the laundry a quick and simple job. Unfortunately, it is easy to waste water when you have access to a ready supply!


Simple Ways to Help Prevent Water Scarcity

When you come across images of water pollution, it might look like you can't change anything by yourself, but the important thing to remember is that big effects can be seen from small changes, especially when you're all working together. There are a number of easy ways that your entire family can help reduce their water usage and the amount of water they waste on a daily basis.

You can explore natural methods of cooling. Window shades, especially those made from wood (which is an excellent insulator), are very effective at reducing heat during the day. If you have a garden, the fun activity of planting trees and bushes with your children can help provide shade for you and increase the surrounding air pressure, moving more air around and cooling the area. Recycling can also be a major factor in saving the water supply, and this is an activity that everyone can take part in. Rainwater harvesting is already being seen in particularly dry cities, and is proving very successful. For example, in just five years of harvesting rainwater, Chennai saw a 50 percent increase in the city’s water supply.

Grass with water drop - preventing water pollution

When encouraging your family to save water at home, how about making sure that your kids turn off the water while brushing their teeth (perhaps by providing a fun incentive for them, if they are finding it difficult to remember)? Older kids can also help save water at home by researching water-efficient shower heads or timing the length of their showers and noting it on a chart – this way they can see the amount of water they would be saving over time! Knowledge is key when it comes to using water sensibly, so it’s important to pass the message along to friends, family, and colleagues. If you want to learn more about the importance of clean water, don't forget to read our article about World Environmental Day!