5 Ways to Save Water at Home

Water is a vital resource in everyday life, but unfortunately 91.9 million people here in India do not have access to safe water. Therefore, for those fortunate enough to have access to clean water, it’s important to know how to save water and implement these methods in your home. You can check out how we’re doing our bit to cut down on water consumption by reading our Sustainable Living Plan. In our everyday lives, we probably don’t stop to appreciate clean water enough, so instead we can show our appreciation by being as water efficient as possible everyday! These five water saving tips will help you to easily conserve water without having to make big lifestyle changes. 


Five Ways to Save Water

So, how can we save water? Making a few small changes to the way you use water in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry can make a big difference! It’s also a great idea to get your kids involved in saving water – they’ll learn about water conservation and can have fun at the same time!

  1. Time your shower – This can be a fun water saving task for kids! Time each of your children in the shower – whoever thoroughly washes themself quickest wins. A little bit of healthy competition is great for their development and they’ll save water by shortening their shower. In fact, by shortening your shower by a couple of minutes you could save up to 150 gallons of water per a month.
  2. Turn the tap off – When brushing your teeth, turn the tap off. This will save you from wasting excess water you aren’t using. You can also do this when washing your face or hands, or when shaving. Instead put the plug in to save water. Again it’s easy for kids to get into the habit of doing this everyday.
  3. Wash full loads – This will save more water and energy than washing several smaller loads, so not only can you conserve water and energy but you can keep your bills down too! Collect laundry over the week in a basket and then only put a wash on once you have enough for a full load. If you have a big family, it may be worth investing in a machine that has a larger capacity to save doing several washes a week.
  4. Set the appropriate water levels for your load – when washing a small load, do not use the extra large water level setting as the machine will use an unnecessary amount of water to wash your clothes. Some machines have automatic sensors to help you determine the accurate level for your load. You can find out useful tips on choosing the best washing machine to save water and energy here.
  5. Reuse water – There are many ways you can reuse water in your home. Some people prefer to hand wash clothes, especially delicates or stained items. With the water that is leftover you can water your plants. You can also water your garden or household plants with water collected in the shower – put a bucket in the shower to catch excess water that would normally just go down the drain. Again these are simple tasks that all the family can get on board with.

  Follow these five water saving tips and you can do your part to help protect the environment!