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Neatly folded winter jumpers sitting in a pile on a wooden bench.


Unlike your daily wear garments, winter clothes are trickier to care for and can’t simply be tossed into the machine. If you’re worried about having to hand-wash them, don’t be! Here’s a simple way to wash your woollens in your machine while making sure they stay as good as new.

Understand your garment

Make sure to read the labels on your garments before washing them. Next, turn the garment inside out before tossing it into the machine to avoid shedding of lint.

Understand your garment

Use a gentle detergent

Make sure you use a made-for-machine detergent such as Surf excel Matic, so that your garment can enjoy the perks of a gentle wash with the added benefit of superior stain removal

Use a gentle detergent

In a fully automatic machine…

Add the detergent in the tray provided and not directly in the machine’s drum. Also, make sure to change the settings of the machine to ‘wool’ cycle or the ‘delicate’ or ‘hand wash’ cycle if wool is not an option.

In a fully automatic machine

In a semi-automatic machine…

Fill the machine’s drum with cold water and add the detergent. Let the garments soak for a few minutes before starting the machine. Proceed by draining the water and rinsing the garment twice on a gentle setting.

semi automatic washing machine

Air dry the garment 

Avoid drying woollens in the machine because you run the risk of shrinking them. Instead, lay the garment flat to dry it (preferably indoors). Exposing your woollens to direct sunlight can cause their colour to fade.

woollens clothes

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