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A spoonful of oil, washing machine and Surf laundry products.

How to remove Oil Stains from your fabrics in Machine

We’ve all been prey to the toughest stain of them all, the dreaded oil stain. When you’re cooking or eating in a rush, a splatter or smear of oil on your clothes is only inevitable. Before you start panicking and bid your beloved clothes goodbye, we’re here to tell you an easy way to fight that persistent stain and restore your favourite clothes so that they’re as good as new.






  1. Blot the stain: Use a paper towel or a cotton ball to gently blot the stain and remove the excess oil and grease. Make sure to press against the stain from both sides of the fabric so that it absorbs as much as possible.
  2. Apply a pinch of talcum powder/baby powder: Put a pinch of baby powder or talcum powder on the stain. The fine powder absorbs the oil, lifting the stain off the fabric. If you’re in a hurry, leave the cloth in a warm place as this helps speed up the process.
  3. If the stain has set in: If the stain is slightly old, pour some oil on to the stain so as to make it fresh. Follow this by sprinkling some baking soda and scrubbing it with a toothbrush. With the help of a dishwashing soap, scrub the stain further.
  4. Rinse and wash: The last step is to rinse the cloth with cold water and wash it thoroughly thereafter. Once rinsed with water, toss the cloth into your washing machine with a good detergent such as the Surf excel Matic Front Load or Top Load detergent along with warm water. You can also opt for the Surf excel Matic liquid instead of the detergent. Simply fill the cap of the bottle with the solution and pour part of it on the stain and rest in the machine’s detergent inlet. Rub the liquid onto the stain with the attached scrubber and toss the garment for a wash in the machine as usual! It will ensure that your stained garment comes out spotless, looking as good as new.

Thanks to this quick 4-step solution using Surf excel Matic, dealing with stubborn oil stains is child’s play!