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Green, blue, yellow and red t-shirts hanging on a washing line.


Keeping your baby’s clothes clean is of utmost importance. Unlike adults, babies are extremely sensitive and their skin may react to the mildest of stains and dirt. As a parent, you’re sure to be worried about rashes and skin infections, but this is definitely not something to lose sleep over. Follow these quick steps to ensure that your little one’s clothes are thoroughly clean and comfortable.


drying baby clothes


Wearing damp clothes can cause your baby to fall sick, which is why it is worth paying attention when it comes to drying his or her clothes well. You can choose to either air dry the clothes or dry them in the dryer as soon as they come out of wash.


garment care tag for baby clothes


Read the garment care tag carefully before putting your baby’s clothes for a wash to make sure that you follow a method that is best suited to the garment. Segregate the clothes by colour to prevent them from falling prey to colour bleeding or fading.


tips to wash baby clothes


If you’re using an automatic washing machine, use warm water to wash your baby’s clothes. In case of a semi-automatic washing machine, add warm water to the drum and follow it up by adding a gentle yet effective detergent like Surf excel Matic.


wash baby clothes in washing machine

Make sure that the machine isn’t packed to more than 2/3rd of its capacity. There must be enough place in the machine for the water to move freely around each garment so that all the dirt can be properly washed away.

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