How to Use Advanced Washing Machine Features

If you purchased a washing machine a while ago, you might be thinking about swapping it for a newer model. These new washing machines have so many more options and features, and can really make a huge difference to how we do our laundry. You may be surprised by how much washing machines have changed in the last few years!

Today, we’ve got the choice of waterless washing machines, washing machines operated by smartphones, and a huge range of advanced features that may seem like they’re from the future.

Don’t panic. If you don’t know what features to look for in a washing machine, we’ve got all the information you need right here.  

The Latest Washing Machine Features

Unsure what to look for, or how to use these new, exciting features? No problem.

Here are some tips for washing machine features that will have you getting to grips with your new washing machine in no time:  

Reload Function

Older washing machines tend to be very inflexible when it comes to interrupting the wash cycle – once it’s started, you need to wait for it to complete before you can manually change any aspect of the settings or load.

One of the most important washing machine features of newer models is the reload function. Simply press the button, and the machine will automatically pause the setting when the water levels become low enough that you can open the door without flooding your kitchen. This allows you to add any extra socks that had been hiding under your kids’ beds, or a favourite stuffed toy that your child has just poured juice over, without having to wait until the next load. It helps you keep on top of the laundry, and helps keeps your little ones happy!

Consider this model: The Bosch Serie 6 Avantixx WAP24260IN  

Air Dry Function

Features of washing machines are starting to merge with the features of tumble dryers, which means that washing machines are now able to remove as much excess moisture from your clean clothes as possible, so they only require minimal drying afterwards. Some machines offer an air dry function, which you can switch on and off as you wish, which opens the vents in the machine during the spin cycle.

The vents draw warm air in from your home, and circulates it around the drum which gently warms your clothes and helps to evaporate the water. This is great for thick, heavy fabrics that take a long time to dry naturally, and for households who are trying to save energy by not using the tumble dryer.

Consider this model: The Electrolux Aura Logic Super ET65ASMR  

Smart Rinse

This feature complements the standard hand wash setting, giving you more control than ever before over how your laundry is treated during the wash cycle. Some newer washing machines include a smart rinse option that allows you to specify how much water to use during the rinse cycle. For households without more specialised needs, only minimal water needs to be used.

However, if you suffer with sensitive skin, with skin irritations such as eczema, or have young children at home, you can increase the water used to make sure that all detergent residue is removed, leaving clothes that are fresh, soft, and won’t trigger flare-ups or allergies.

Consider this model: The Godrej WT Eon 650 PFH  

Memory Wash

Tired of always having to manually adjust the settings on your washing machine before each use? Well, now you don’t have to! Washing machines are becoming more intelligent, and are now able to remember the settings you used for your last wash, and apply them to the next load of laundry. If you tend to wash a lot of the same types of clothes, such as washing baby clothes in hot water, for example, then this clever setting can be a real timesaver, and can also make sure you don’t make any mistakes.

Some machines will even allow you to program in a number of different cycles, making laundry as simple as pressing just one button! For us Matic Mums who can never find enough hours in the day to get everything done, this feature is just priceless.

Consider this model: The Samsung WW85H7410EW/TL  

These really are just a few of the new and exciting features that the latest washing machines include - there’s plenty more, including self-cleaning drums, waterfall technology, and even weight indicators so you can be sure you’ll never overload your machine again.

If you feel spoiled for choice, let Surf excel matic help you out – check out our useful washing machine advice, and find the right machine for you with our washing machine comparison tool.