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Laundry Room Design: Where Should You Put Your Washing Machine?

Deciding on a place for your new washing machine can be tricky. There are lots of considerations to take into account, such as making sure there’s enough room for the door to open fully, ensuring you’ve got easy access to your Surf excel laundry detergent, and, of course, installing your machine close to electrical sockets and water inlets. But where is the best place to put your machine? Read on for some helpful advice from Surf excel.

The Best Places for a Washing Machine

There is no right or wrong place to install your washing machine – it all depends on the layout of your home, the space available to you, and your family’s individual needs and requirements. There’s also a cultural element, too. While bathrooms are the most common place for washing machines in India, they tend to be kept in the ‘laundry’ in Australia (similar to a utility room), the basement in the United States, and the kitchen in the United Kingdom. Here are some suggestions to consider:  

Laundry Rooms

A room specifically designed for washing machines, dryers, tubs, and lines seems to be the most sensible solution – everything you need is all right there is one place, and your cleaning products can be kept well out of the way of small children. It’s just so convenient.  


The beauty of keeping a washing machine in your hallway is that it’s always going to be easily accessible.  


If you pre-treat a lot of your clothing (which you might find yourself doing with baby clothes to remove all those stubborn food stains), having a bath tub or bucket handy for soaking can be ideal. Just take care to set the electrics up safely so they aren’t exposed to wet or damp conditions.  


Many people shy away from placing their washing machines upstairs as they are afraid that the noise of the machine could wake sleeping children. Many of today’s newer models, such as the Samsung WF-WW7000, vibrate less, which helps to minimise loud noises.  

Small Spaces

The last thing you want when doing laundry is to be squeezing yourself into the room, squashed up against appliances. However, small spaces can still be utilised if you stack your appliances using a stacking kit (just remember to buy a front-loading machine, not top-loading!). Always follow the directions in the manual.  

Tips from Our Matic Mums about Where to Place a Washing Machine

Here are some tips from our Matic Mums about where to put a washing machine: “Best place for washing machine is to be in dry place, to keep it away from rust and erosion.”  “Place the washing machine in a safe place so that the life of the washing machine increases.”  

Laundry Room Storage

Clutter is the enemy of laundry rooms, especially if you’re working in a small, enclosed space. Even the smallest amount of clutter can make the room seem so much smaller and inconvenient, so keeping the floors and work surfaces clean and tidy is vital. Here are some great storage ideas that will make it easier to maintain a clutter-free laundry room:

  • Fit shelving wherever you can to make use of all that empty wall space. This will help minimise mess on the floor, while still keeping your cleaning products accessible.
  • Add a small cupboard with a lockable door, either in a corner or on the wall. Keep cleaning products such as bleach in here to prevent the risk of kids finding them.
  • Use laundry baskets for both your clean and dirty clothing, rather than having them piled high on the floor. Choose ones with handles so you can easily move them around.

Inspirational Laundry Room Ideas

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a dedicated laundry room or are using a corner of the bathroom, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a large, airy space or a smaller, more cramped area - we all deserve to do our laundry in a bright, happy place. Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to give your laundry area a bit of personality, and to make it somewhere you actually look forward to spending time in:  

Add Colour

Did you play it safe when decorating the main rooms in your home? Then why not let loose a little in your laundry room? It’s somewhere guests won’t often see, so just go crazy. A splash of red here, a bright, bold orange there – you’ll be surprised at how much more fun doing the laundry seems when you’re surrounded by these vibrant and happy colours.  

Install a Small TV

If you tend to do a lot of ironing, make it more interesting by placing your ironing board in front of a small television, and put your favourite soap operas on. Time will fly by, but just be careful not to get too absorbed in the storyline or you could end up with burn marks all over your favourite clothes!  

What ideas do you have for organising your laundry room? Share your ideas here!

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