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Easy Clothes Storage Tips: Let’s Make Wardrobe Organisation Fun!

After doing all the other household chores, laundry and wardrobe organisation can be a real challenge. However, with these handy clothes storage tips, and a little assistance from your children, you can manage your wardrobe easily. Also, your kiddo can learn a few things on how to store clothes in the process.

Getting Kids Involved in Laundry Organisation

It is a big help when children take on responsibility for some chores around the house. Folding clothes is something they can do easily. Start out with giving them items that are easy to fold – small symmetrical items such as handkerchiefs, pillow cases, cushion covers etc. Slowly, your child will get better at folding clothes and with your help, this chore will be done in no time at all!

Essential Clothes Storage Tips

Before putting your fabrics in the wardrobe, make sure you wash them with an appropriate detergent like Surf excel. Small stains can often get overlooked easily. So get a little help from your children – ask them to check if the clothes are completely dry and that there are no stains. Moisture invites mildew and food stains often attract insects. Then put the heavier items at the bottom of the pile and ask your kiddo to put the lighter ones on top.

A Word about Ironing and Clothes Storage

While it seems like a good idea to iron items before putting them away, this is not always true. In the case of delicate fibres, it is best to keep them as they are after washing and only iron them before use. This is because crisp folds can cause delicate fibres to weaken over time. With other fibres, though, ironing before clothes storage is the better option.

So, as part of your laundry organisation, you can ask your child to sort the different fabrics and put them in sets. They will learn about varied fabrics and also learn about how to sort things. For weak fabrics like polyester, rayon, viscose rayon, satin, or taffeta, use the lowest setting on your irons. To enable proper ironing, ask your kiddos to check and make sure that the clothes are clean and dry.

Also, for such fabrics, iron the clothes inside out. To get wrinkles out, place a piece of foil on your ironing board. Then lay the garment flat over it. With the steam button down, pass the iron three to four inches over the fabric several times. The wet heat from the foil will help smooth out wrinkles.

Try Wardrobe Organisation According to Season

To make sure that your wardrobe is not cramped, you should only keep the things that you need at the moment, and put others away in storage. So, in the summer, you should separate your woollens and other warm items, and store them away till they are needed again at the end of the year. Similarly, in the winter, you can remove light items and store them away. You can ask your child to sort the clothes.

At the beginning of every season, they can separate the clothes and do their own wardrobe organisation. Also, ask them to keep some fragrant sachets or moth balls in all the wardrobes at home. These two steps will ensure that insects stay away from the garments.

Use the Right Hangers for Clothes Storage

Hangers can help save space in your wardrobe, and it is best to have a number of different kinds of hangers for all varieties of clothes. For example, have sturdy wooden hangers for sweaters and other heavy items, and use simple wire hangers for garments made of light fabrics. You may involve your kiddos in the sorting process or give them the clothes and ask them to put each in their respective hangers.

Remember, an organised life starts with an organised wardrobe, for you will be able to start your day well when you find everything in place. And if you have some more tips, share them with us.

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