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Washing Guide

With curveballs like tea stains, wrinkled shirts, colour run and a shrunken woollen jumper, the washing isn’t always as easy as we think it’s going to be. That’s why Surf excel has gathered a list of expert washing advice to cover almost every laundry queries – from how to wash white shirts, to learning how to properly folding laundry. Simply browse through our tips today and wish goodbye to all your laundry challenges!

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The answer to this question fully depends on the fabric that you’re dealing with, which is why you should always check the garment care tag beforehand. Thanks to the advance formula of Surf excel Liquid Detergent, this product works as well for cold temperatures as it does for warm ones, so all you need to do is set the washing machine to the right temperature.

Wondering how to wash white shirts? For a fail-safe way to keep whites white and colours vibrant, always remember to separate your laundry into similar colours. Once you’ve collected enough of one colour, all you need to do is set your machine to the right cycle. Bright colour washes can best be kept at a low temperature, while whites benefit from a slightly warmer programme – just check the label.

Do you know how to wash pattu sarees at home? These beautiful silk garments, just like any other delicate fabric, should always be treated by hand. Use a special handwashing detergent that is designed for delicates to give the fabric the care it needs. Explore our handwashing techniques here.

Surf excel’s products are specially designed for combatting stains, but when the stain is particularly resistant, a pre-treatment will be necessary. Have a look at our stain removal guide before you start, as not all stains can be treated the same way.