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Simple Washing Machine Repairs

Sadly, no machine is infallible, not even your trusty washing machine. However, not all problems with your washing machine call for a whole new washer. The majority can be fixed by a professional, or even by yourself at home – yes, some washing machine repairs can be as simple as that – you don’t need to be an expert! This guide will show you simple tips for washing machine repair, along with a handy infographic to help you figure out how to get the job done.

Washing machine repairs

When your washing machine starts making a funny noise, the water stops filtering through, or the drain function isn’t working, you may start to worry that you’ve lost your washing machine for good. But simple issues like this can be solved through some basic troubleshooting, so there’s no need for expensive repair bills, or for time and money to be spent buying a new machine. Just remember to always consult your washing machine’s manual before attempting any repairs yourself and follow any repair instructions that are stated in the manual.  

How to Repair a Washing Machine Yourself

The following tips are for simple repairs; always consult a professional if you are unsure about any more substantial washing machine repairs.  

Washing machine has stopped working completely

  • Check the power. Ensure that the fuse or circuit breaker has not blown and that there are no breakages in the wires. Reconnect your machine if the plug has become loose.
  • Call a professional to fix any electrical faults.

Washing machine isn’t draining properly

  • Ensure that the drain hose is free and not hooked up in the machine. If so, place it on the floor. It should be flat on the floor at all times, with no kinks. So if yours isn’t this could be your issue. Also check for blockages and carefully remove any foreign objects that are obstructing the hosepipe.
  • If the machine continues to not drain properly, ask the advice of a professional.

Washing machine is making a strange noise

  • Check for any foreign objects in the tub, or drum – it can be easy for something like a small toy to get stuck in a child’s pocket and accidently get put in the wash. Remove any objects that should not be in the washer and the issue of any rattling noises may be solved. You should also ensure that your machine is sitting on an even surface to prevent it from shaking side to side and making a loud noise.
  • If your washer is still making a strange noise when washing, do not continue using it. If your machine is old, then this noise may mean it’s time for a new washer. Consult a professional for advice on any washer repair that might be advised to fix your machine.

Washing machine is not filling up correctly

  • Your washing machine may not be filling up with water, or may have generated a fill error halfway through a cycle. If so, stop the cycle, turn your machine off and pull it forward to check the water supply. Turn off the water tap and disconnect the water inlet pipe to see if it is blocked. If it is filled with debris, then this is likely to be the cause of your problem. Clean out the debris and reconnect your pipe.
  • Another simple solution is to check that the lid is properly shut; some machines won’t fill with water if the lid is open.
  • If the problem has not been resolved, then it’s best to consult a professional.

Top tip: Maintaining a clean washing machine will help to prevent the need to repair your washing machine. And, make sure you don’t forget to clean your washing machine filter regularly too.

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