Washing Machine Care

Washing Machine Care

Knowing how to clean a washing machine is the secret to guaranteeing good results with every wash. After all, a clean machine, means fresh-smelling, clean clothes! If you’re unsure of the best way to care for your washing machine then don’t worry: the articles in this section will answer all your washing-machine related queries.

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  • Laundry after Holi
    Laundry after Holi
    Holi is a fun and exciting time, and it can be difficult not to get caught up in the moment, throwing the coloured powders ranging from deep reds to sunshine yellows. The following day, however, is a completely different story! While Holi is fun, the first laundry day after the celebrations can be a nightmare. […]
  • Washing Machine Parts
    Washing Machine Parts
    Understanding different washing machine parts & functions can help you make the most of your machine!
  • Cleaning the Lint Filter
    Cleaning the Lint Filter
    We just dump all our dirty clothes into the washer and hope that they come out sparkling clean, neat, and tidy. But how often do you clean the washing machine itself? Just as we are dependent on the washing machine to clean our clothes, the machine relies on us to clean it, too! So, if […]
  • Use a Washing Machine Safely
    Use a Washing Machine Safely
    Here are Surf excel's top tips on how to use a washing machine safely & properly.
  • Simple Washing Machine Repairs
    Simple Washing Machine Repairs
    Check out this article on general washing machine repairs for simple repairs you can do at home!
  • Cleaning the washing machine
    Cleaning the washing machine
    You know how to use it to clean your laundry, but do you know how to clean a washing machine? In order for your washer to work and clean your clothes better, it should be kept clean, too! Like any other home appliance, your washing machine needs maintenance to avoid damage. You may find that […]

Keep it clean!

One of the most important steps to wash clothes in your washing machine, is knowing how your machine works. Whether you have a top loader or a front loader, you need to know the best way to do laundry in a washing machine. You’ll find instructions for using your specific machine in it’s manual, but our articles can answer general questions on how to use a washing machine.

You can also consult your machine manual for deep cleaning advice, but most models advise running the machine on an empty cycle with a hot water temperature and a little detergent to help keep Read our washing machine cleaning advice for more tips on how to keep your machine functioning.

Knowing where to put liquid detergent is important as it will enable both your washing machine and dryer to perform at their best. Have a look at the instructions on product packaging, consult the machine manual or browse through our articles on dosage to find out where to put your favourite Surf excel detergent, and how much to use.

Did you know that Surf excel detergents work just as well at lower temperatures? Bring the thermostat on your machine down to 30 °C next time you’re wondering how to wash your clothes in the washing machine and see for yourself! This isn’t only a good way to protect your clothes, it helps to reduce your energy consumption, saves you money and contributes to protecting the planet as well!