A woman putting hot pink clothing into the washing machine.

Videocon Washing Machines – An Overview

Videocon washing machines are hugely popular in India, really standing out amongst the competition. The reason Matic Mums in particular love this brand of washing machine so much is that Videocon is an Indian company, designing appliances that are specifically aimed at Indian mums who want attractive, easy-to-use, and cost-effective washing machines that help them find that perfect balance between work, home, and family life.  


Focusing on the Environment

Energy and water conservation is an important topic in India and, as our kids are learning more about the environment in school, us Mums are also becoming more knowledgeable with regards to ‘going green’. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that more and more of us are actively searching for washing machines that help us to meet our green objectives. Many Videocon washing machine models comes with features that could really help us achieve our aims.  

  • Fuzzy Logic

You’ll hear a great deal about ‘fuzzy logic’ in the next few years, as it’s designed to revolutionise the way we do our laundry. This futuristic technology not only ensures it uses the correct settings for each individual laundry load, but it also automatically selects the right water level for the weight of clothing, determined by clever sensors incorporated directly into the machine so there’s no more wasting water, even when you only need to wash a few shirts.  

  • Hot & Cold Inlets

Washing machines with cold inlets only have long been a favourite in India due to their low cost, but hot and cold inlet machines could actually save you money on a long-term basis, and help you conserve energy. By bringing hot water into the machine directly from the tank, rather than having the machine itself heat up cold water to the correct temperature from the cold inlet, you’ll notice a significant difference in your energy bills.  

  • Delay Start

A great way to save energy and money is to use your washing machine during the off-peak hours, typically overnight. However, with busy lives and demanding kids, most of us just want to crawl into bed when the sun goes down, not stay up all night doing the laundry. The 7kg Digi Pearl model, a Videocon fully automatic washing machine, allows you to delay the start of your machine anywhere from one to 24 hours. This way, you can get everything ready to go before bed, and then wake up to freshly laundered clothing.  

  • Water Level Selection

One of the main ways we waste water is through washing small loads, but Videocon have tackled this problem head on. Many of the Videocon washing machine models offer 10 different water level options, so that no matter how much or how little clothing you need to wash, you can select an appropriate water level so you’ll never waste water again when washing.  

  • Cascade Waterfall

Both Videocon semi automatic washing machines and fully automatic washing machines are top-loading only. Top loaders are best sellers in India, so Videocon are really playing to their audience. However, top loaders are often seen as more wasteful because they allow the machine to become filled with water, while front loaders use water jets and spouts. Videocon’s solution is to include cascade waterfall features which makes top loaders like the 6kg Digi Gracia model much more similar to a front loader in terms of operation and efficiency.  

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