Father and toddler putting laundry in the washing machine.

Panasonic Washing Machines – An Overview

Panasonic washing machines are excellent choices for Matic Mums who want to know that they’re buying a hardwearing, durable, reliable machine that will meet their family’s needs. While headquartered in Japan, India is a major Panasonic hub for the Asian, Middle Eastern, and European markets, and currently boasts an impressive workforce of 12,500 across the country.


Complete Choice with Panasonic’s Range of Washing Machines

When it comes to washing machines, there really is no ‘one size fits all’ for Matic Mums. Whether we’ve got small families or big families, and whether we’ve got teens or babies, we all want something different from our machine. The great news about Panasonic is that their range is truly enormous, with plenty of Panasonic front load washing machines and top load washing machines to choose from. Looking for a Panasonic semi automatic washing machine that gives you complete control over how you do your laundry? No problem! Check out the NA-W72HARB which comes with the integrated anti-bacterial pulsator that repels germs, keeping your washing machine fresh and hygienic. Germs and bacteria that build up in the dark, damp conditions of your machine are a real nuisance, and can make your clothes smell musty even after they’ve been washed. With this fantastic, innovative technology, this is one less thing for you to have to worry about. Perhaps you’re looking for a Panasonic top load washing machine? Top loading washing machines are very popular in India, but they do have one major problem – the central agitator. Be sure to check out the NA-W72B2HRB that features a super wide inlet that allows you to wash chucky towels and thick duvets without struggling to squeeze them in around the agitator. And don’t forget that many Panasonic washing machine models are available in a bright, bold red colour to bring a touch of vibrancy into your home.  


Best for Delicates

If you’re browsing Panasonic washing machines, you may notice that a number of models, including the NA-F80B3, and the NA-F90H3, a Panasonic fully automatic washing machine, boast the new Sazanami Drum, but what exactly is this? The revolutionary drum has been designed to provide dedicated solutions to some of the most common obstacles in terms of machine washing delicate clothing. Laundry bags are frequently used to protect delicate fabrics from the internal workings of the machine, but the clever Sazanami Drum removes this need entirely, featuring ‘dimple-shaped’ spouts that are indented in the drum, creating a smoother finish. The drum reduces the risk of clothing becoming snagged, and also allows for dirt to be trapped in the indentations, leaving your clothes super clean each and every time. If you want to wave goodbye to hand washing for good, then Panasonic may have the right washing machine for you.

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