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Kelvinator Washing Machines – An Overview

Kelvinator is considered to be one of India’s oldest and most trusted of white goods brands, and although they started off on a small scale, offering mainly refrigerators, the brand has grown substantially over the years, particularly within the Indian market. Today, Kelvinator is a major supplier of both semi automatic and fully automatic washing machines across the country and, with backing from parent company Electrolux, Matic Mums can be sure they’re getting unbeatable quality when buying a Kelvinator washing machine.


Outstanding Features

Kelvinator washing machines stand out from the crowd due to their impressive features that make them best sellers all across India. Here are just three reasons to consider a Kelvinator machine:  

  • Magic Filter

  If you’ve had washing machine problems in the past, you may have suffered from blocked water pipes, which is a common issue with some types of older washing machine. Pipes can easily become blocked due to a build up of dirt, and also a build up of lint that comes off clothing during the wash cycle. When the pipes becoming blocked, water cannot be drained from the machine properly leaving your clothes soaking in dirty water and making it difficult to get them looking and feeling really clean. Kelvinator’s ‘Magic Filter’ tackles this problem head on, making laundry day much easier for us Matic Mums. The filter catches dirt and lint and, best of us, it’s removable, so you can easily empty the filter whenever necessary. You’ll find the magic filter on the KS-7217DP, a Kelvinator semi automatic washing machine.  

  • Quadra Pulsator

  It’s almost as if the ‘Quadra Pulsator’ was designed for Matic Mums who are constantly searching for new ways to quickly and efficiently get their kids’ school uniforms cleaned before morning. Boasting some impressive power, the quadra pulsator, found in the KS-6551DM, manipulates clothing in such as way that it really gives every inch of the clothing a thorough clean, so you no longer need to worry about paint stains, pen stains, grass stains, or anything else. Other washing machines achieve this same effect by a very vigorous wash cycle that isn’t suitable for delicate fabrics, but the quadra pulsator ensures an unbeatable clean while still being gentle to clothes.  

  • Fuzzy Logic

  Fuzzy logic is truly taking over the washing machine industry in India. Electrolux describe it as a type of ‘artificial intelligence’ that makes it easier than ever before for busy mums to get the laundry done. The fuzzy logic control panel enables users to input the load type – delicate, cotton, synthetics, for example – and then allows the machine to take over, choosing the right type of wash cycle for that individual load. Using sensors, the machine will also calculate the size of the load, ensuring that just the right amount of water is used, helping you to save money and conserve water, becoming more environmentally friendly in the process. You’ll find a fuzzy logic control panel on the KT-6521PF, a Kelvinator fully automatic washing machine.  


Style & Design

There are many people who think that the features of a washing machine are the most important aspect to consider when making a purchase, and, while it’s true that we should never put style over substance, who says that we can’t base at least some of our decision on how the appliance looks? If we’re going to bring appliances into the home, they may as well look nice! There’s no denying that Kelvinator washing machine models are some of the most beautiful on the market. Whether it’s the KS-7315 with it’s pretty pink flower motif, the gorgeous retro, art-deco style dials on the KS-7253DM, or the vibrant feature panels on the KT-6521PF, browsing these models makes you realise that laundry day needn’t be dull. Never underestimate the power of a nice-looking washing machine – it can really cheer you up while you’re dealing with smelly clothes!

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