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Different Types of Washing Machines in India

There is a big market for washing machines in India, and it is growing fast! To a new buyer, the huge volume of products available can often be intimidating. Luckily, we have an article here for you that will make life easier. By breaking it down into the main kinds of washing machine, we hope to give you some helpful guidance in choosing the best kind of washing machine for you and your family. Remember that you can use our Washing Machine Comparison Guide to help you find the best machine. Find a washing machine that saves water and energy and rinses your clothes thoroughly.  


Two Main Washing Machine Types


Automatic and Semi-Automatic

There are two main washing machine types: automatic and semi-automatic. Automatic machines do everything themselves: after you choose the wash programme, the machine will fill itself, go through the wash cycle, drain the water, and then do the spin cycle to remove all the excess moisture – all in the same drum. The other type of washing machine is a semi-automatic model, which needs to be filled with water before the wash begins (and then drained and filled again for the rinse cycle). You will also have to transfer your clothes from the wash drum to the spin compartment. In this way, you have more control over the washing process, but it also is more labour intensive. These machines also tend to have fewer special features and cycles than automatic washing machines, but also tend to be more affordable.  


Front Loading or Top Loading?

Another basic way to divide types of washing machine is by where the door is – is it front loading or top loading? Front loading machines tend to be automatic, whereas top loading machines can be either automatic or semi automatic. These machines will require different kinds of washing powder – Surf excel Matic Front Load or Top Load. Make sure you read the directions on the label for the best results.  


The Latest Developments In Washing Machine Technology

The different types of washing machines all have different features and special gadgets. For example, some Bosch washing machines (like the WAP24260IN) feature the VarioSoft Drum System, which can help to clean your clothes both more gently and also more quickly (helping them stay looking their best for longer and saving you time!). With new Direct Drive technology, noisy washing machines could soon be a thing of the past. Direct Drive washing machines such as the IFB Digital series are built with fewer mechanical parts, and they are designed to be a lot quieter and more energy-efficient than older models. IFB also offers an Air Bubble Wash System on some of its machines, helping to get your clothes as clean as possible. One of our Matic Mums really likes the Direct Drive technology: “The Direct drive technology is indeed great! It not only reduces the noise level but also increases the life of the machine.” LG offers a new feature in some of its top-loading machines – Jet Spray. This saves water and energy and rinses your clothing thoroughly, helping them get fresh and clean.