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Woman in green jumper loading white clothes into a washing machine.

Washing Machine Guide

The washing machine is an essential part of many households. From taking out resistant cooking stains to getting into a clean, fresh-smelling bed at night, having a good working washing machine makes keeping up with a busy household much easier. Not sure how to buy a washing machine? Don’t worry. Surf excel will tell you all about washing machines, including where to buy them, what types are out there and which one will suit you and your family best.

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What you need to know about washing machines

Before you buy a washing machine, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the different types of washing machine. Would you like a top loader or a front loader? What drum size do you need? Looking at things like outer size of the machine, energy efficiency and noise is important, as this will help you pick the best washing machine for your needs. Don’t know where to begin? Surf excel guides you through the process of picking a washing machine by looking at different types and pointing out what their benefits are.

Picking the right washing machine for you and your family all comes down to knowing what your needs are. Is your family big or small? Do you have limited space in your home or do you have a designated washing area? Why not compare washing machines, to see what features you think your family does and doesn’t need?

If you own a lot of delicates, a special delicate cycle will be essential, and if you have small children running around it might be a good idea to have a child lock. Away a lot? Then the ability to delay the starting time will be a real life saver. There are so many options to choose from, but there’s no reason to panic: in this section, Surf excel will help you decide which is the best washing machine to buy for your household.