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An image of two hot dogs, with sauce.

How to remove tomato sauce stains from clothing

There’s only one thing that can ruin the tantalising moment when you hold that first French fry or pizza slice up to your mouth: tomato sauce dripping right onto your fresh shirt. The good news is that you can make that orangey-red stain disappear – and get back to your guilty pleasure – pretty fast.

Here’s how to get tomato stains out of clothes, so you can help yourself to another fry in no time at all. 

How to remove tomato sauce stains from clothes

First of all, there’s no need to panic: tomato sauce stains on clothes may look dramatic, but removing them can be simple. Just act fast, as old, dried stains can be stubborn. Follow this tomato sauce stain removal method as soon as you get the chance:

  1. Gently lift the sauce off the fabric. Use a dull knife or a spoon to scoop as much sauce as possible off the garment. Be gentle – you don’t want to damage the fabric or rub the sauce in deeper. 
  2. Blot the stain with a wet towel. Using a damp towel, dab the tomato sauce stain very gently without rubbing it around – you want to gently push water through the fabric. This will help you flush out the stain. Another helpful tactic is to hold the fabric under cold running water, stain-side-down.
  3. Pre-treat the stain with Surf excel liquid detergent. Apply some Surf excel laundry detergent to the stain (you don’t need much, just a small drop) and work it into the stain using an old, clean toothbrush. 
  4. Check the care label for instructions, then wash. Whether you’re washing using the machine or by hand, the water needs to be at a low temperature (around 30°C) to remove a tomato sauce stain from clothes – high temperatures can make it more permanent. Use Surf excel Matic liquid for great stain removal at low temperatures.
  5. Did it work? Check for lingering stains. Make sure that the stain is gone before you let the garment dry. If it’s still there, start again. 
  6. Hang the garment up to dry. Let the garment air-dry afterwards – if it’s white, direct sunlight can help you get rid of any faint tomato sauce stains that remain.

Tomato sauce stain removal from clothes can be tricky, but don’t despair if the stain doesn’t come out immediately – just repeat the steps above and pre-treat the stain a little longer before washing the garment.

That’s all there is to it! Now that you know how to remove tomato sauce stains from clothes, you and your family can enjoy your meal without worrying too much about mess. Don’t forget: for more stain removal tips, you can check out our washing tips and tricks section.