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Close up of colourful fabrics lined up together.

Washing Delicate Clothes: How to Wash & Maintain Embroidery

Embroidered clothes are a thing to cherish as they are made with a lot of thought and effort. That is what makes every piece of embroidered garment unique and precious, even if you have to be careful when laundering such delicate clothing. It is true that embroidered clothes are also made on a large scale these days, with machines doing most of the work, but you probably can distinguish very easily between stitches done by hand and stitches made with machines.

 Embroidery  done by hand or machines needs to be looked after well when washing and storing in order to keep it looking new, year after year. Here is some washing and maintenance advice that, coupled with the wise use of Surf excel, will help you ensure that embroidered items you own remain colourful and vibrant for the longest possible time. 


Embroidery Has Been Around for a Long Time

This is why there are many different varieties of embroidered work. This ranges from small running stitches done all over a fabric, to exquisitely shaded satin stitch work, to work embellished with beads and sequins, and everything in between. The yarn used to create such work is also of many different kinds, such as crewel wool, fine silk, cotton, polyester etc. In order to do justice to the clothing when washing and storing it, you will need to keep these differences in mind and cater to them when deciding how to wash delicate clothes with stitched embellishments.   

Before Washing Delicate Clothes with Embroidery

Especially in the case of embroidered work done a number of years ago, you should do a colour-fastness test  before you even think of getting out your cleaning and laundry supplies. If the colours used in the work run in the washing, the whole piece will be spoiled. Take a small white cloth, and dip it in cold water.

Gently dab this over the different coloured threads that make up the embroidered design. If you see any colour come off on to the white cloth, do not wash the item. Instead, take it to a good dry-cleaner who is used to handling such items.  


How to Wash Delicate Clothes with Embroidery at Home

If the colours do not come off, you can consider cleaning the item at home. To get rid of small stains on embroidered work, take a brush with very soft bristles, dip it in a solution of Surf excel and water, and clean the spot; take care not to rub. Let this dry in the shade.   For larger areas or for washing the whole cloth, it is best to stick to hand washing , as with most delicate clothing.

More durable machine-made work may be put inside-out into the washing machine. Use cold water to wash items and ensure that all the detergent washes out of it. Detergent residue can harm the piece. Never wring or squeeze embroidered fabric after washing. Instead, roll it in a clean towel and let that absorb the water. Dry, flat in the shade.  


Storing Delicate Cloth with Embroidery Safely

Storage of embroidered items is another thing you need to be careful about. First, when ironing them, be sure to turn the garments inside out. Do not use the steam setting on your iron to work out creases for embroidered cloth; switch to dry setting. Next, when putting these items away, do not fold them, as creases can distort the embroidery. Roll them, instead, when you place them in your cupboards. Also, do not place anything heavy over them.

This way your embroidered clothes are bound to last for long. These tips, and Surf excel, will help you get rid of any stains on embroidered delicate clothing. Wear your rich, embroidered clothes without any worries now! Add more to this with your own tips. Share it with us below!