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A woman in nightwear opening curtains.

Washing Curtains in the Washing Machine

It's amazing how much dirt and grime curtains can collect. But the thought of taking down and washing curtains can put off even the most diligent of homemakers. Surf excel has put together this step-by-step guide to make washing curtains in your washing machine quick and effective. Just read on to find out how easy it can be!


Can I Wash Curtains in the Washing Machine?

Although you shouldn’t do it do often, it is possible to wash some curtains in the washing machine – you just need to make sure that you clean the curtains according to their fabric type and follow the directions on the care label. Before you start, always wash your curtains separately from any other laundry to prevent staining or the spread of bacteria. Also, always check the care label for advice, as some materials might not be able to be washed in the washing machine. And make sure that your washing machine is big enough to fit your curtains – if not, then it’s best to go to a specialist.

Washing Curtains in Five Steps


Step one

Remove the curtains in the morning – one room at a time – and aim to have them washed and dried by the time you need to use them again in the evening. Pick a sunny day if you're drying your curtains outside!  

Step two

Remove any hooks or fixtures that might come loose in the washing machine.  

Step three

Consult the curtains' care label and select a washing cycle accordingly. If they say ‘Dry Clean Only’, then take them to a dry cleaner instead of washing them at home. Don't overload the machine or you may end up damaging the fabric – if your curtains are quite large, it might be easiest to wash them elsewhere. Be sure to place any delicate fabrics in a pillowcase or special laundry bag before putting into the machine.  

Step four

Choose a Surf excel laundry detergent and spin cycle suitable for the type of fabric you are washing.  

Step five

Wash the curtains, dry, and iron them before rehanging them.


How Should I Iron My Curtains?

In fact, you don't always need to iron your curtains; it depends on the type of fabric they are made from and the washing and drying technique that you use. Using a lower temperature wash and drying cycle will reduce the likelihood of wrinkles occurring in the first place. If you are able to dry your curtains outside on a washing line, there's a good chance most of the creases will disappear as they dry. If you do use a dryer, be sure to remove the curtains before they are completely dry and follow the manufacturer's instructions to iron them flat before rehanging.  


How Often Should I Wash My Curtains?

Washing your curtains will keep the fabric in a good condition and prolong their life span. You should wash your curtains at least once a year – it's a good idea to make this part of your spring cleaning routine. If you live in a large city where air pollution may be high, or if you need to reduce the presence of allergens in your home, it's a good idea to wash your curtains every three to six months.  


Tips for Washing Curtains

Our Matic Mums have plenty of good advice for washing curtains: “The best way to wash curtains is to keep their upper string in a cloth bag and tie it and then wash the curtains”  “While washing curtains, add a rubber ball with it. It will clean the curtains effectively.” “Give a 5 mins wash to your curtain in plain water through this you can save detergent & washing time.”   Do you have any tips for washing curtains at home in your washing machine?