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How to Wash Delicates Like Embroidery

If there’s one thing us Matic Mums love (other than our kids, of course!), it’s our wardrobe. That little black dress and comfy pair of jeans are great, but what really makes our wardrobes special are those irreplaceable garments that are absolutely stunning. Adorned with handcrafted embroidery and delicate decorations, they’re truly amazing to wear, and make us feel great. There’s one problem, however. Do you know how to wash embroidered clothing? Looking after delicates is a little different to cleaning your pajamas or bedding, and it takes a little extra care. Fortunately, our washing machines make it a piece of cake!  


Can I Put Delicates in the Washing Machine?

Did your mother or grandmother teach you how to wash embroidery? Then you probably learned to wash by hand. However, you don’t need to spend hours scrubbing your delicates by hand these days – it is possible to machine wash some delicate garments. The easiest way is by making use of your machine’s hand wash setting. Here are a few guidelines you should follow:  

Always Read the Care Label

Before washing any item, you should always read the care label for laundry advice . If your delicate or embroidered item does not have a care label, you can ask a dry cleaner for advice. Remember, if an item is marked ‘Dry Clean Only’, then do not wash it at home – instead, take it to a dry cleaner.  

Washing Delicates on the ‘Hand Wash’ Setting

Many fully automatic washing machines on the market today have a hand wash setting that treats your clothes as gently as you’d treat them yourself. A cooler water temperature is used, and a slower spin cycle, to help protect your clothes from shrinking, creasing, or snagging. Using this setting on your washing is easy – pop your favourite Surf excel in the machine and press the ‘hand wash’ button, and the temperature and speed will automatically be adjusted to the correct settings. To learn more about your washing machine’s hand wash setting, check this article out . If your machine doesn’t have a hand wash setting, don’t worry! It’s still possible to wash delicate clothes in the washing machine. Here’s how:  

On an Automatic Washing Machine, Set a Cool Temperature

A common problem with delicate garments is that they may contain decoration attached to the fibres with fabric glue, which can melt in high temperatures. This is why the hand wash setting automatically sets the temperature a little lower than normal. If you’re adjusting the settings manually, turn your temperature down to 30 degrees (you could even set it to 20 degrees if the clothing isn’t heavily soiled). This cooler temperature will protect any delicate aspects, and it’ll save on energy, too!  

Reduce the Spin Speed

An issue that affects embroidery especially is the vigorous spin cycles that washing machines use to remove any excess water from your clothes following the wash cycle. Tossing delicates around in such a manner can cause embroidery to become loose or even to snag on the machine’s drum or other internal parts. A slower spin greatly reduces this risk, and washing machines such as this Bosch model offer a ‘spin reduction’ option that is specially designed for delicates and embroidered items.  

Use a Washing Bag

If you are planning on washing delicates in the washing machine, then you should really consider investing in a washing bag, or laundry bag. They’re one of the most valuable tools you can use to protect your delicate clothing, they’re readily available, and, best of all, they’re inexpensive. Never heard of a washing bag? Then read on!  

What is a ‘Washing Bag’?

A washing bag is an essential for all Matic Mums. Available in a range of sizes, these mesh bags allow you to wash your delicates in the washing machine without worrying about damage. Simply pop your clothes into the bag, pull on the drawstring to close it tightly, and put into the drum of your machine. The bag allows water and detergent to flow in through the netting and saturate and clean your clothes, but it protects the fabric and fibres from the inside of the drum, preventing snagging, unravelling, and tangling with other clothes. You can pop anything you want into a laundry bag, but they’re best used for things such as embroidery, clothes with decoration, and lace clothing that could tear easily. Laundry bags are so great that we’ve included them in our list of the best ways to make the most of your washing machine .  


Tips from Our Matic Mums about Washing Delicates

Our Matic Mums have some great advice about washing delicates:

“While washing delicate clothes, do not scrub too much. Always set minimum timing to wash them.”

“Spot stain removal should be done prior to washing of embroidery or delicates and then wash them either on hand wash cycle or delicate cycle or short cycle with low spin speed”

“Wash delicate clothes with care. Try not to spin them or use minimum spin.”

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