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How to Wash Blankets & Bedding at Home

In addition to all the clothes you need to wash on a regular basis, blankets and bedding also need to be taken care of and cleaned properly. Washing blankets in the your washing machine will really lighten your load – but it is important to know what you need to do before trying it! This article shows you which items can be washed in the washing machine, and how to wash blankets and bed sheets to get them as clean as you possibly can!  


How to Wash Blankets at Home

With the right set of procedures, you may be able to wash blankets and duvets in your washing machine. First, read the directions on the label before you put a blanket or duvet in the machine. Some items (particularly those stuffed with feathers or made of memory foam) cannot be machine-washed, and will need to be taken to a dry cleaner instead. If you have established that it is ok to wash your blanket, duvet, or pillow at home in the washing machine, then you need to make sure that it will fit inside! If it doesn’t fit, then you will need to take it to a dry cleaner. If you overfill your washing machine, your blanket or duvet may not be cleaned evenly. Place the blanket into the washing machine and add Surf excel Matic detergent, and launder as usual. Make sure that the load is balanced. If you have an automatic washing machine, use a gentle spin cycle. Once the blanket has been washed, you can allow it to air dry on a clothesline or clothes airer. Straighten out and shape the fabric while it is still damp, so that it dries back into its original shape.  


How to Wash Bed Sheets

Washing bed sheets is very similar to washing clothes in the washing machine. However, it is best to wash your family’s bed sheets separately from other items. For cotton and synthetic fabrics, use the regular wash settings and Surf excel matic detergent, and follow the directions on the care label. A hot wash is useful for killing bacteria; if someone in the family has just recovered from an illness, it would be best to use a hotter wash setting if you have an automatic washing machine.  

Hints and Tips to Ensure the Best Cleaning Results

It’s important to wash your sheets regularly. Find out how often you need to wash your bed sheets here. Blankets do not need to be cleaned as regularly ­– if it is regularly used If you ever wondered how to wash your bed sheets to get them soft, then use a fabric softener in the washing machine in addition to your regular detergent. This will give your sheets back their wonderful ‘just bought’ softness.   Our Matic Mums have some great tips for washing blankets and bedsheets at home:

Tip: Add few drops of vinegar in the last rinse to impart softness to your blankets and bed sheets. It is economical as well as eco-friendly.

Tip: Always wash large bed sheets/blankets during the summer so that they can dry off easily.

Tip: Fill the washing machine with warm water and add Surf excel Matic detergent. Then dip the blanket in this for some time and then start the washing machine.

Tip: Because you wash bed sheets and blankets once in a while, make sure you soak them well before washing them.  

Tip: Use fabric softeners on blankets after washing to maintain their softness.   


With this article, we have shown you to how wash a blanket at home and the best way to wash bedding in your washing machine. As with most things in life: it’s easy once you know how!

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