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How Often Should I Wash Bed Sheets & Towels?

How often should you do laundry?Knowing how often to wash bed sheets and towels depends on several factors: personal hygiene, the weather, and how healthy you and your family are! We’ve put together this article to help you know how often to do laundry for bigger items like bed sheets and towels. These items should always be washed separately to your main loads of clothing and may need different levels of care.  


How Often to Wash Bed Sheets

Wondering how often you should wash the bed sheets? It’s important to clean your sheets regularly – you’re likely to notice the difference when they are a bit dirty, as they will be less comfortable to sleep in and they may even get a bit smelly – unsurprising, considering the amount of time we spend in bed! To get clean sheets, you should follow these steps:

  • Wash bed sheets at least every two weeks according to the instructions on the care label with Surf excel. If you have an automatic washing machine, then use a medium or hot temperature – just follow the guidance on the care label.
  • Wash bed sheets at least once a week if it’s hot outside (since you still sweat at night).
  • If someone is ill, then wash their sheets every other day. If you have an automatic washing machine, then use the highest temperature the care label will allow. This is to prevent the spread of germs.
  • If you’ve had any sort of bug or lice infestation, be sure to follow the same procedure as above: wash the sheets on the highest temperature the care label will allow.
  • Never overload a machine with bed sheets – in order for them to get properly clean, they need to have space to move around!


How Often Should I Wash Towels?

When it comes to washing towels, you need to think about the usage each type of towel gets:

  • Hand towels in the bathroom or kitchen may be used by visitors as well as your family and get dirtier quicker than towels that you use after taking a bath. How often should you wash towels like this? Every two to three days – depending on the number of people in your household – on a medium to hot wash if you have a fully automatic washing machine. Always consult the care label first before washing.
  • Bath towels should be washed once a week at a medium temperature on a normal cycle.
  • It’s never really a good idea to share a towel when someone is sick as they could transfer their germs to you! Make sure any member of your family who is ill has a separate towel and that it is washed on the highest temperature the care label will allow for reasons of hygiene.

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