Laundry Tips and Tricks

Laundry Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re wondering how to get rid of sweat smell after a good exercise or just want to know how to clean clothes properly, Surf excel’s laundry tips and tricks can help you get the best results out of your laundry. With our range of tips for washing clothes, the next time you’re dealing with resistant stains or delicate fabrics, all you have to do is take a look here and find the answer to your problem.

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  • Removing blood stains from your clothes
    Removing blood stains from your clothes
    When you have active kids, you have to tackle so many different stains – including blood stains! You probably have had to get rid of blood stains in your little one’s clothes – for example, if he’s fallen down and scraped his knees! Being a mother means that you need to comfort your little ones […]
  • Tips for Washing White Clothes
    Tips for Washing White Clothes
    Read on for tips on washing white clothes to keep your whites looking bright & stain-free!
  • Chocolate Stain Removal
    Chocolate Stain Removal
    Chocolate can be messy! Find out simple tips on how to banish chocolate stains from clothing here.
  • Removing Mud & Clay Stains
    Removing Mud & Clay Stains
    Find out how to remove mud and clay stains from your little explorer's clothes here!
  • Removing Chewing Gum Stains
    Removing Chewing Gum Stains
    Removing Chewing Gum from Clothes need not be a nightmare with these 3 tips – Find out more here!
  • Ink Stains & Chewing Gum
    Ink Stains & Chewing Gum
    Every time we leave the house, we’re putting ourselves at risk of getting stains on our clothes. Even when performing mundane tasks, such as walking to the local shops or picking the kids up from school, there are three big risk factors when it comes to stains: sweat, grease, and dirt. It’s impossible not to […]

Surf Excel’s laundry tips and tricks

Make doing your laundry a smoother process by sorting your washing beforehand. Sorting dirty clothes is a simple and effective way of keeping your clothes look at their best, both in terms of colour and fabric. Follow our tips for washing clothes, such as washing similar colours together and cleaning delicate fabrics separately.

Every fabric needs to be treated differently. Where cottons and synthetics can generally be washed in a normal washing cycle, delicates like silk and lace need a little bit of extra attention. If you’re wondering how to wash silk properly or trying to find out what fabrics require a hand wash, this section will help you out.

There is no final answer to stain-related queries: a treatment method that does wonders for one stain, can make another even worse. Our articles on stain removal cover almost any type of stain to help you pick the right cleaning method before you begin.

It may sound obvious, but knowing what your washing machine can and can’t do is crucial to achieving the best laundry results. Every washing machine is different, and knowing how to clean it, how to use it properly and where to put the detergent is key to putting your machine at its full use.