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Surf excel Easy Wash

Surf excel Easy Wash

Remove Tough Stains Easily
We understand that washing and removing stains can be extremely tiring and cumbersome.
Especially if you are a mother of a young kid who fills your laundry basket with clothes covered in grass stains from football practice, ketchup stains from lunch and paint stains from art class!
Till now you would have to soak his dirty clothes for a couple of hours and then scrub them with your hands using a brush and a bar, and wondered why it takes so much time to remove stains from your kid’s clothes?
The answer is because regular detergents do not dissolve completely.
But with Surf excel Easy Wash, a superfine powder, tough stains will now be taken off in a jiffy.
• Makes the powder superfine and fluffy so that it dissolves instantly
• New Surf excel Easy Wash is made with a superior technology
• Unleashes the Power of 10 Hands which remove tough stains like mud, ink, oil, chocolate very easily.