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A washing powder tablet.

Surf excel Matic

For many of us, washing machines offer the ultimate in convenience and efficiency – especially when you’re doing laundry for a whole family. That means you want the best detergent possible to care for your clothes and keep them fresh and stain-free. Surf excel Matic is a complete range of laundry detergent powders and liquids, with products available for front and top load machines, to help you make the most of your washer.

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Surf excel Matic comes in formats suitable for both top and front load washing machines, so whatever type of washer you’ve got, we’ve got a detergent for you. You might also want to consider what format of detergent suits you best – do you like the affordability of powder or the convenience of liquid? Surf excel Matric detergents come in both forms, and which you choose is up to you. You’ll get the same great stain removal from our liquid and washing powder formula so pick your favourite and get washing!

Did you know that you can pre-treat stains before running the wash cycle for fresh, bright clothes? This is one of our best laundry tips and our Surf excel Matic detergents make handy pre-treatment products too. Apply our liquid detergent directly to stains and work in gently by washing your clothes as normal to help remove those tough marks. Or, if you’re using Surf excel Matic washing detergent powder, mix a teaspoon of detergent with a little water to make a paste, and use this to treat stains instead. We’re sure you’ll be impressed with the results afterwards!