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Blue fabric conditioner being poured into the dispenser drawer of a washing machine.

Laundry Detergent

What is detergent but the key to a great laundry experience? At Surf excel, we know that the best detergent for clothes is tough on stains while still preserving the colour and softness of our favourite garments. That’s why we’ve developed laundry detergents that help remove even the toughest stains, but are gentle on fabrics. Choose between Surf excel Matic, with formulas for both top- and front-loading machines, and our handwash detergents, designed to give great results with minimal scrubbing.

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Which laundry detergent is right for you?

There are two main types of detergent to choose from – powder and liquid. Both of these work in much the same way – they contain surfactants, which help break apart dirt and grease on your clothes – so which you prefer is really up to you. With clear, easy-to-use dosing instruction and great stain removal in every wash, whatever your preference, Surf excel has a detergent for you!

Washing machines are effective and convenient, but they can also be expensive to run – not to mention a concern for our environment. That’s why the best detergent for washing machines is one that’s effective even on shorter washes at lower temperatures – and that’s exactly what you can expect from Surf excel Matic, both top and front load varieties. Great for your utility bills and the environment, too!

Because Surf excel laundry detergents are designed to be tough on stains but gentle on clothes, they can be used to pre-treat many of the toughest household stains. That means you won’t usually need a separate stain remover to tackle stubborn marks, giving you convenience and efficiency, wash after wash.