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#HaarKoHarao Inspiring Stories

Behind every successful person, is a story about failure. They've all faced their fair share of failures in life. But, they all had one thing in common, the will to push forward and learn from it instead of admitting defeat. Listen to their #HaarKoHarao stories.

#HaarKoHarao is the spirit of learning from failure and eventually, defeating it. As individuals, we watch successful people and glorify their successes. What we don’t see, is the number of times they fail, learn and improve on the way to success. As a society, we do not tolerate failure. With Surf excel we want to change that and create a movement that changes the perspective on failure to a learning experience. Let’s pledge to look at failure as a learning experience #HaarkoHarao

Watch little Ayush, as he refuses to give up and chooses to learn from failure #HaarKoHarao