Yes, you can! The most important thing you need to do before washing your woolen garment in the machine is to check the manufacturer’s care label. This will give you details of the recommended method of cleaning your garment.

If your clothes smell nasty, it is likely bacteria have been at work. The longer you leave your clothes before you clean them, the more time bacteria have to breed and grow. Washing dirty clothes or linen as soon as possible will also reduce the likelihood of stains or unpleasant odors setting into the fibers of the fabric.

Here are some great tips for how to wash smelly clothes or remove a musty or sweaty smell from garments

Soak them in fresh water for about half an hour before washing them in washing machine.

Do not leave water in drum after washing as it may attract bacteria and start smelling.

Always dry your machine after use to avoid growth of bacteria, which can make your machine as well as garments smelly.

Rest assured, all are products are absolutely safe.

We do not have an expiration date mentioned, although you could use it before 24 months from the date of packaging.

I would highly recommend not to do that, kindly use a Top Load mattic powder/liquid with a Top Load machine and vice versa.

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