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A young girl wearing a blue striped top and pink apron whisking eggs in a bowl.

Simple Recipes for Kids

Simple recipes for kids are a great way to develop their cooking skills and make them aware of nutrition and a healthy diet – that’s why Surf excel is publishing a series of articles about cooking and nutrition this month, with fun recipes for kids, cooking games for girls and boys, and healthy food tips for kids! One of the biggest problems parents face is finding simple recipes for kids that are relatively safe.

The obvious solution is no-bake recipes, but if you want to teach your children about health and safety in the kitchen, it’s worth looking into a few easy-cook recipes to show them how to behave around hot pans. Here are some suggestions for both no-bake and easy-bake recipes – simple sandwich recipes and Indian recipes for kids.

Sandwich Recipes for Kids

Tri-Colour Indian Flag Sandwiches

This sandwich recipe for kids is so easy! Use three slices of white bread – or light brown bread for a healthier option – for each sandwich.

  • Use a green filling on the first slice.
  • Add an orange topping on the second slice, and place it on top of the first slice.

You can use any kind of orange and green filling or spread, savoury or sweet: carrot salad and cucumber, for example, for a healthy sandwich recipe, or use fruit jam for a sweet treat. If you prepare the fillings, your children can make these sandwiches themselves – imagine the surprise in their eyes when you slice the sandwiches to reveal the Indian flag!

Toasted Sandwiches Everyone loves toasted sandwiches, and they are so easy to make! The easiest ones to make just have a cheese filling, but you can personalise your sandwich with a wide variety of fillings.

To make a toasted cheese sandwich in a frying pan, then all you need is two pieces of bread, a little butter, and cheese. First, grate or thinly slice the cheese. Then, butter one side of each piece of bread. Place one piece of bread buttered-side down in the frying pan on a low heat, and then add cheese and the other piece of bread with its buttered side up.

(So, you want to have each buttered side on the outside of the sandwich.). Grill the sandwich until lightly browned and until the cheese has melted. Be sure to flip the sandwich over and cook both sides.

Indian Recipes for Kids


  • Boil up some peas and potatoes, and dry fry some favourite spices and onion in advance, and allow to cool. Once cooled, allow your kids to dive in, mixing up the ingredients and creating their own samosas however they wish.
  • Keep your kids at a safe distance while you fry the samosas, but be sure you keep track of which samosa belongs to whom – it’s always more exciting eating something you made yourself!


  • Bring some milk, coconut milk, basmati rice, and sugar to the boil, and simmer until soft. Allow to cool just slightly and then ask your kids for help in adding tasty extras and seasonings.
  • Present them with a range of suitable ingredients, such as pistachios, rose water, almonds, raisins, and even chocolate chips!


A no-bake option, kulfi is something that your kids can help to make from the start. Simply add evaporated milk, condensed milk, whipped cream, and cubed bread into a mixer and blend until smooth. Add cardamom, pistachios, rose water, or any other extras you wish, and freeze overnight.

Cucumber Raita

All you have to do here is chop the cucumber, and then it’s all down to the kids. A bit of lemon juice, yogurt, mint, sugar, and a touch of seasonings to taste, and your kids will have created a cool and refreshing accompaniment to any spicy dish.

Do you have any favourite simple recipes for kids? Share your sandwich recipes and Indian recipes for kids with us in the comments below!