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Easy Cooking Recipes: Bring out the Chef in your Child

Food is a very important part of human life and “Becoming a professional chef” is a popular career option. Recently there have been many national level competitions conducted for both adults and young kids to tap into kids’ interest in cooking. These are a great platform for launching a career as a chef, but there are also other fun ways your children can learn about preparing easy cooking recipes at home from an early age.  

Importance of Cooking for Kids

In today’s world, irrespective of gender, every person has to know at least the basics of cooking to survive. So, it is important for mothers to introduce their kids to the kitchen environment right from a young age, in order to give them basic cooking skills. Cooking increases a child’s self-esteem and skills, by default! Along with this, they also get the chance to try out new varieties of food, and begin to understand the difference between various sweets, spices & sour food in detail.

This is the stage when kids learn to distinguish between various fruits & vegetables and understand their nutritious advantages and flavour. Therefore an introduction to the kitchen environment and easy cooking activities from a young age can help develop their passion towards becoming a “Chhota Chef”.  

Easy Cooking Recipes to Begin With

It is important to start with an easy yet interesting recipe to maintain your child’s interest towards cooking. Here are some easy cooking activities for kids:

Salad – Salad is always the most basic and easiest dish to teach your child to make. It is very simple to introduce your child to the art of creating an appetising looking salad, and to teach them how to safely chop vegetables into pieces.

Potato Wedges/ French Fries – Preparation of Potato wedges requires potato, oil, salt, tomato sauce and black pepper. This again is easy to cook and delicious to eat. Children love French fries and this activity will definitely get them interested in cooking if it is one of the first few recipes they come across in the kitchen! Do not fear the stains their cloths might get in the process, as for that you have your trusted partner: Surf excel!

Smoothies – Choose your child’s favourite smoothie or milkshake, stock up on fruits needed, and teach them how to easily make a delicious drink from scratch. Choosing their favourite fruits will help ignite their interest in smoothie making and teach them about mixing different flavours.  

A Fun Cooking Experience

Childhood is an age of experiments; hence kids love activities which are fun and help them learn as well. You can arrange for an activity which involves preparation of easy food items with all the vessels and ingredients on hand, or you could make it a group activity by inviting your child’s friends round for some entertaining cooking activities for kids. Either way it will be a fun loving learning experience.

Another great activity could be a treasure hunt – select a recipe and hide all the ingredients with various clues around the house. By following the clues and finding their ‘treasure’, a new delicious dish can be prepared with lots of fun and excitement during the process!  

Cooking for Kids: The Lifelong Benefits

Cooking is one skill which will stay with your children throughout their lives, a skill that can always be improved over a period of time and shared with others! Hence, childhood is the right age for arranging activities for kids in the kitchen and engaging them with various easy cooking recipes to help develop their culinary skills. Cooking could leave your kids with stained clothes, but as long as there is Surf excel in the house, you can keep all worries at bay.

Once you feel your child has enough knowledge about the kitchen world, you could also encourage them to participate in various cooking competitions and make themselves proud!  

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