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Nature Play: The Importance of Nature in Your Child’s Life

Nature Play: The Importance of Nature in Your Child’s Life

Nature Play: The Importance of Nature in Your Child’s Life

Whether you are city-dwellers or live more rurally, the natural environment will have a big impact on your family life. As such, it’s important to educate children on the importance of nature and help them develop environmental awareness. Read on to find out why this is important, and how you can plan fun nature activities for your little ones!

The importance of nature

Why should kids be taught about caring for the environment?

  • To help care for animals: Humans have a responsibility to look after the creatures around them and it’s important that kids start to learn this from a young age. Animals are an important part of the natural world, so introduce kids to them and their care.
  • To preserve the natural environment: Nature can be harmed by pollution and other forms of environmental degradation. It’s important that kids understand their individual rights and responsibilities when it comes to looking after the planet.
  • To understand climate change: As climate change becomes more and more apparent, it’s important for little ones to understand what it is and what it means for them. Start simply and slowly, with positive information for example about how changes to combat climate change can improve lives too!

Fun nature activities

So, we all know it’s important to help children understand and care for the natural world, but what kinds of activities will help them do that? The important thing is to make it fun; to think about it as nature play. Here are three fun environmental activities that will help kids play in nature and play with nature.

  1. Drawing in the sand: One of the best ways of learning from nature is to get up close and personal with it, enjoying some messy nature play – even if this does mean doing a load of laundry with Surf excel Matic at the end of the day. Why not take kids to the beach and encourage them to write and draw in the sand? This both encourages learning about nature and brings out a child’s innate creativity.
  2. Make a nature bracelet: Once you’ve been out and about, continue exploring nature from home by getting your children to make a nature bracelet. This simply involves linking together fun natural objects on a short piece of string to make a decorative bracelet. Go for items like small shells, flowers, pretty pebbles, and similar trinkets.
  3. Do a family treasure hunt: When you’ve got a bit more time one great way of exploring nature for kids is to do a family treasure hunt. Lay out clues in advance and set a trail that will take them to interesting environmental areas i.e. an unusual group of plants or a place known for its wildlife.

These are just a few ways of helping little ones engage with and learn about nature. The environment is a very important issue, but it’s also super fun. So, let your kids get their hands dirty as they will learn while they play with the natural world. You can help them create a nature scrapbook too, so they can cherish those moments of nature play forever.