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Easy Cricket Games for Kids: The Benefits of Playing this Popular Sport

Easy Cricket Games for Kids: The Benefits of Playing this Popular Sport

Cricket is one of India’s favourite national pastimes and many adults’ all-time favourite sport.  And even though we love it ourselves, sometimes it’s easy to forget that this is a great activity for children too. Discover the importance of cricket for your little ones as well as the benefits of playing cricket as a family.

10 benefits of cricket for kids

Here are our top ten benefits for playing cricket:

  1. Good exercise: Whether you’re playing complicated full on matches or just easy cricket games, children get a good work-out from this sport. Cricket involves both cardiovascular exercise and using muscles, so it is a good combination sport.
  2. Teaching sociability: Cricket games for kids also teach lots of important skills, not least how to socialise well with others. This is especially helpful for children from smaller families who are less used to playing in groups.  
  3. Helping kids put fairness into action: The saying ‘it’s just not cricket’ shows that cricket has become a byword for fairness and decency, two important things to learn as you’re growing up. Try putting on cricket games for kids where your little ones are also tasked with umpiring and negotiating when issues come up among themselves.
  4. Having fun: One of the biggest benefits of cricket for families is that it is fun! This doesn’t have to be a complicated sport – if need be (or if your children are very small), try easy cricket games rather than the full thing. The most important part is that you all enjoy it.
  5. From watching to playing: The great thing about cricket in India is that you can watch games all the time. That means even children playing cricket for the first time will understand at least vaguely how it works and what you have to do.
  6. Learning to multitask:  Another of the benefits of playing cricket is learning multitasking skills. You’re always doing multiple different things when you’re playing cricket, and it’s great to be able to balance them all competently.
  7. Strong concentration skills: Whether it’s catching a ball, batting, or bowling, to play cricket you need to have strong concentration skills. This is a particularly important thing to practice in a world that is all about distractions.
  8. The importance of teamwork: Cricket also promotes teamwork. Kids learn to work together to achieve their goals, drawing on each other’s different strengths. If your children are too young to play proper cricket there are lots of alternative easy cricket games for kids, i.e. simpler versions that are just as fun and teach the same skills.
  9. Hand-eye coordination: To play cricket well, you need good hand-eye coordination so starting this sport young will help develop this kind of motor skill.
  10. Messy play: One really fun thing about cricket is that it’s an outdoor game that sometimes involves getting a bit messy. When you’re sliding across the ground to catch a ball you forget about cleanliness and are just fully immersed in the game. This is liberating and fun for kids. Just be sure to have a good laundry detergent like Surf excel Matic to hand afterwards.

So those are our top ten reasons why little ones should get stuck into a good game of cricket. The great thing is, if your kids aren’t up to the full version, there are lots of easy cricket games that will give them the same benefits of cricket as the real thing. So, go and get your whites on and start having some fun!