Real Play

Real Play

Play is one of the best ways for kids to learn about the world. Help your children explore the world around them with our sensory play ideas, including cool craft projects that they can do indoors and outdoor play activities for kids that’ll get them into the fresh air. We love to see kids learning through play, so get inspired with our ideas for real, active fun!

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  • Physical Exercise for Kids
    Physical Exercise for Kids
    Find out the benefits of exercise for kids & some fun ideas for physical activities here!
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  • Unstructured Play for Kids
    Unstructured Play for Kids
    Even if you’ve never heard the terms ‘structured play’ or ‘unstructured play’, you will be very familiar with the concepts. Every game and activity our kids partake in can be placed into one of the two categories, each of which offers something different in terms of learning and child development. The question is, should you?
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  • Fun Educational Games
    Fun Educational Games
    With all the exams scheduled throughout March and April, spring may not be your kids’ favourite time of the year. Long hours studying means these months are often filled with anxiety and nervousness, but there’s really no need for this apprehension. Education is something we want our kids to enjoy, not fear, so it’s our […]
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  • Playing House & Life Skills
    Playing House & Life Skills
    Did you know that your kid’s toys and games are a lot more than just diversions that allow you to complete a chore? Toys, games, and activities are valuable tools that help teach life skills for children. Playing enhances social, emotional, intellectual, skills, teach them problem-solving and other life skills – especially when they are […]
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  • Podcast: Benefits of Sports
    Podcast: Benefits of Sports
      In this educational podcast, Surf excel discusses the benefits of sports and exercise for kids! Sport and outdoor play are so important for the development of your little ones. That’s why we at Surf excel think that Dirt is Good – Daag Achhe Hai. If your kids come back home with dirt and grass […]
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  • Importance of Sports & Games
    Importance of Sports & Games
    Find out more about the importance & benefits of sports and games for your child here!
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Real kids need real play!

Having the freedom to play and get messy has lots of benefits for children learning through play: letting them enjoy real experiences and develop real skills. Of course, these experiences are likely to lead to a few stains on their clothes but there’s no need to worry about muddy splashes or dirty marks with Surf excel to help clean up afterwards.

Giving your little ones the freedom to explore and do their own thing doesn’t mean they don’t need to be safe. Keep an eye on them at all times, indoors or out, and use this opportunity to teach them about things like road safety. They are all important lessons for later life.

We have plenty of sensory play ideas to help your children develop essential cognitive skills, as well as many other different kinds of play activities for child development. These aren’t just important to help them grow up happy and healthy, they’re also great for helping to build social bonds with other kids.