A woman smiling as she sorts laundry from a basket.

Being a Mum ‘Me time’: Luxury with Anxiety Bubbling Under

In our Mother Venn diagrams, we’re illustrating the crossover of emotions that come with being a mother in the most everyday of situations.

Being a Mother - Me Time

Having a few hours to yourself at home while your kids are out at nursery or at a friend’s house is, on the surface, a truly delightful and luxurious experience. Whether you spend the time, chatting, reading, or relaxing, it’s a mother’s chance to take a breather, and we all know how good it feels and how richly deserved it is.

But, there’s an unmistakable worry bubbling under. Do you ever find that, being a mother, you can’t help wondering what your kids are up to, what they’re eating, and whether they’re behaving themselves?

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