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An excited boy learning how to ride a bike with his dad.

Parenting Tips

We all want the best for our little ones, which means that many of us worry about how to be a good parent. That’s why we’ve put together lots of parenting tips and advice on good parenting skills to help you on your way, including advice on how to communicate with your children and help them grow in confidence, creativity and compassion. Surf excel is on your side, so check out our tips for parents whenever you need a little help.

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  • Mother and baby playing with clothes in the laundry room.
    Grandparents as Role Models
    There is no one as suitable as your parents when it comes to finding role models for your child’s personality development, and your kids can act as their role models, too! Who came over to help you with your home and a brand new baby? Your parents! Who do you leave your children with and […]
  • A mother and daughter baking cookies together.
    Grandparents & Culture
    Who taught you about the epics, about how to make a mango pickle in summer, and about how to appreciate classical music and other cultural activities? Those who spent their childhood with their grandparents know the answer to these questions. Close your eyes and go back to those wonderful stories your grandmother told you to […]
  • A woman and young girl lying in the grass.
    Children's Social Intelligence
    You have books and the “what to expect” series to help you raising your children in a way that stimulates their social and emotional intelligence. Your parents had their parents, their instincts, and their elders to help them along. There is a huge change in parenting roles from the aloof dads of yesterday to today’s […]
  • Pale blue backdrop.
    Child Care & Grandparents
    Finding the best child care – somewhere your child feels safe and that contributes to their child development – can be very hard. When Neha turned 4, I thought of going back to my old job. I didn’t realize how right my decision was till my ex-boss offered me a higher position when I went […]
  • A child making paper boats at a table.
    Teaching Kids Colours
    Colours are an important part of everyday life, and children start recognising colours as soon as their eyesight becomes developed over the first few months of their lives. Introducing colours to children is important, and you can start teaching children about colours at the age of 2. Here are some creative ways of teaching toddlers […]
  • Children playing on a slide in a park.
    Importance of Jokes for Kids
    Children follow our example in so many areas of life, but did you know they learn to pick up their sense of humour from their parents? Though laughter has long been considered a basic instinct – a physical response to tickling, for example – recent research indicates that babies as young as six months learn […]

Developing good parenting skills

Good parenting skills begin with open and honest communication between you and your child. It can be a challenge, but spending time together is vital for their development as well as for helping to nurture the bond between you. 

All kids need friends their own age, so encourage them to meet other children, share experiences and play with them – this will help them grow in confidence and develop emotional skills from an early age. Follow our good parenting tips to help you manage these experiences and don’t forget to take a look at our kids activities for inspiration of games, crafts, and celebration activities you can try.

Your child will need to take on more responsibility as they get older and become more independent, so it’s a good idea to encourage them to do this from a young age. There are many small ways they can do this: try assigning them, household tasks like setting the table to encouraging them to spend time with older members of the family. Good parenting tips encourage you to assist with all areas of your child’s development and this will certainly contribute to that.