A young girl scooping water from a metal trough with a small yellow watering can.

Water Balloon Games for Kids’ Parties

This water balloon game is a popular Indian game that your kids will love. It’s often played outside using water balloons on a really hot summer’s day to help everyone cool off!

Balloon Games for Kids

Remember being too excited to sleep as a child the night before your birthday party? The smells of homemade food drifting through the house, and your party clothes all laid out ready for the morning?

Fun games for parties add even more excitement to a child’s special day. That’s why we’ve scoured the globe to find the world’s best kids’ party games. We can’t guarantee they’ll be mess free, but you’ll definitely have a lot of fun playing them – and the children will learn something too!


What you will need:

  • Water balloons (or rolled socks work well indoors)
  • Plenty of space – clear all the furniture to the side of the room if you’re playing indoors


How to make it

Step 1 - Water Balloon Game Preparations

Ask the children to pair up and stand facing each other, then take a step back. Hand out water balloons, one per pair.


Step 2 - Water Balloon Game Rules

The kids should gently toss the water balloons back and forth to each other – but each time before they throw the balloon, they need to take a step backwards!


Step 3 - Tips for Players

Tell the pairs that they’ll need to really concentrate on what they’re doing to make sure they throw and catch the balloons properly so they don’t end up splattering on the ground!


Step 4 - Keep Going!

Keep going with this fun game for parties until someone drops their catch!


Additional information

In India, this balloon game for kids is usually played in teams, but putting the children into pairs will encourage them to work even harder on three really important skills – courage (confronting the fear of losing), concentration (when to throw and when to get ready to catch) and accuracy (determining the speed of the throw or softness of the catch).

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