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A boy and girl throwing quoits.

Fun Outdoor Activities: Picnic Games and Sports Activities for Kids

The combination of the arrival of the warm summer months and the beginning of the academic year means that it’s a good time to start enjoying the great outdoors! We all feel better having had a little bit of time in the sun, and it’s nice for kids to be able to let off some steam after a day of learning in school. So, leave the housework for a rainy day and check out these great outdoor games for kids!


Picnic Games and Activities

Outdoor games for kids don’t have to be big and expensive – they can be easy and free, and can even take place in your own neighbourhood! In your garden or in the local park, pretend to be botanists and explore all the plants and flowers growing in the ground. It may be useful to pick up a little book of common flora and fauna in your area if you’re not very familiar with the plant world.

Your kids will also love planting new flowers outside or in an indoor garden in your apartment. You can teach them how to care for these plants. Sunflowers are particularly easy to grow, and look fantastic.

If the park is your chosen destination, then organising a family picnic is a wonderful idea. Fill a basket with some treats you’ve helped your kids cook up in the kitchen (or cheat and buy a few pre-packaged snacks if it’s easier!), but don’t forget to pack some picnic games, too. There are plenty of games that can be played outdoors – the messier the better! – but for something simple, pack some small trinkets and hide them around the park when your kids aren’t looking. Then, give them clues as to where they can find the hidden treasure.


Sports Activities for Kids

Play Football Games

If your kids really need to burn some energy after a day at school, sports are a great way to let off some steam (and tire them out for bed, too!). If you have any local sports fields, you could head there after school, or make your own football, rugby, or cricket pitch by using bags as goal markers and wickets. It’s excellent exercise, so it’s good for adults who want to work off the picnic goodies. Heading to the local outdoor pool is another option for sport-minded children.

Swimming pool games are both fun and healthy, and are a great way to spend time with friends and family. If the pool allows, take some inflatables such as balls and floats so you can play easy water games for kids, or have diving contests (or belly flop contests!) with a prize at the end for the most creative jump. Kids can also practice their gymnastic skills, learning how to do handstands and somersaults underwater.


Outdoor Stains: How to Remove Them

Kids can get so messy when playing sports and having picnics! Don’t worry about any stains that your kids might bring back home on their clothes – Surf Excel will make sure that their clothes remain clean and bright! Check out the Stain Gang for advice on removing stains . Do you have any plans yet for the summer? Are you looking forward to getting outside and enjoying the nice weather? Share your ideas with us below, and see how other families are making the most of the summer sun.