A group of children holding sticks as they pose for a picture in the woods.

Bird Watching for Kids - Printable Bird Spotting Sheets

bird watching


Bird watching is an excellent outdoor activity for kids. Not only does it teach them patience and determination, but it also hones their observational skills – and what’s more, it’s free! We’ve put together this handy bird spotting guide with ideas for bird watching activities for kids, so all you need to do is print out the sheets and go. And remember if your kids end up with muddy clothes from hiding in bushes and behind trees, we’ve got all the stain removing tips you need right here with Surf excel.  


Top Tips for Going on a Bird Watch

Hide and don’t be heard . The secret to successful bird watching is to blend into your surroundings so birds and animals forget you’re there. Wear green clothing if you’re going to be bird spotting in leafy areas, or sandy coloured clothing if you’re checking out a more arid environment. Above all, be sure to creep around and make the least amount of noise possible – if it helps your children get it in the right mindset, suggest they pretend to be spies!   Be well-equipped . Take binoculars (if you have some), print out our bird spotting sheets, and pack pens or pencils and a notepad. Familiarise yourself with the voice-recording app on your phone so you can record any bird calls you can’t recognize. Don’t forget a packed lunch to keep little tummies from grumbling and wet weather clothing if it looks like it might rain.  

Be adventurous Learn the best part of the day to spot birds locally by visiting at different times. And don’t just stick to one area that you know well – why not challenge your kids to spot city birds or park birds? Discover whether there’s a difference between the types and behaviours of urban birds and those you find further out in the countryside. Respect nature and the law . Bird watching is fun but requires patience. While it’s tempting to try to take short cuts and attract birds with food or recorded bird sounds, this can damage the natural rhythms of bird life. Trying to trap certain types of birds and attempting to remove eggs from nests can be illegal. Be sure to use common sense when it comes to entering protected areas and private property.  


Bird Spotting Sheets for Kids

We’ve put together these three bird spotting sheets for kids. The first is for younger children who may not be able to distinguish between types of birds. The second is a top 10 list of common urban birds, and the third is a bird spotting challenge – the types of birds you’ll can spot depends on where you live in India, but each state has a bird. See how many you can spot!   Download and print off the easy bird watching for younger kids activity sheet here. Download and print off the top 10 list of common urban birds activity sheet here. Download and print off the bird spotting challenge activity sheet here.  

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