5 Traditional Indian Games for Children and Their Advantages

Did you know that kids spend less than five hours during a week and less than four hours collectively on weekends playing? As parents, we always try to do our utmost best to encourage the spirit of adventure and build imaginative opportunities for our children to go outdoors. To encourage some more participation from kids, here are some traditional Indian games for children.  


Traditional Indian Games for Kids: Encourage Them to Go out, Enjoy and Experience Life

As parents, our busy lifestyles make us feel satisfied when we entertain our kids with electronic gadgets like television or tablets. We fail to realize that children have to play outdoors for their physical wellbeing and emotional happiness. Getting dirty outdoors playing some of these traditional games for kids is much healthier than staying inside and playing with gizmos. And with Surf excel around, there is nothing to fuss about – even when your kids get their clothes dirty. Recently a report published by the National Wildlife Federation stated that when kids get dirty outdoors, it is beneficial for their health, as compared to allowing them to spend time indoors with hi-tech gadgets. Staying indoors makes kids vulnerable to Vitamin D deficiency, and brings on depression and other chronic obesity related ailments.  


Five Classic Traditional Indian Games for Children and Their Advantages



Kite Flying

Kite flying can aid in the development of a child’s powers of concentration. This activity helps do away with physical and mental fatigue in a very short time. Kite flying generates energy within the body, and adds vigour and interest to the day’s activities. It is also great physical exercise for the arms, legs, neck, eyes and brain, bringing much happiness to your little kite flier as they intake fresh air and plenty of vitamin D.  



Traditional Indian games for kids were designed in such a way that they could help along the development of kids’ social skills, along with their ability to think logically and build up strategy. These games require stamina, mental and physical skills, quick reflexes and extraordinary hand, eye and leg coordination. Kabbadi is one such traditional Indian game.  



Kho-Kho is one of the most popular traditional games for kids in India. It is actually a modified version of `Run Chase’. It involves simply touching a person and running while the person touched has to chase the other one down. Like all other Indian games, it demands high level of physical fitness, strength and speed. The game helps in development of qualities like discipline, sportsmanship and loyalty among the team members.  



This game is played with a peg and a stick. It requires extraordinary hand–eye co-ordination. The points that are scored by a striker depend on the actual distance that the gilli falls from the point of striking.  


ChupaChupi (Hide and Seek)

This traditional Indian game does not need any introduction or description. It is fun both indoors and outdoors. It has always remained one of the most challenging outdoor games for kids. ChupaChupi has helped ascertain cognitive and emotional development among children through playing activities.

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