Games for Kids

Games for Kids

We all know how important playing is to our children – it can give them ways to move their bodies or develop their minds, and there are no limits to the fun they can have! From board games indoors to active sports games for kids, we’ve got plenty of ways to help you keep your little ones engaged and entertained, whatever the weather.

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  • 5 Traditional Indian Games
    5 Traditional Indian Games
    There's lots of fun to be had with these 5 traditional Indian games for kids. Click here for more!
  • Exploding Lemonade Rockets
    Exploding Lemonade Rockets
    This experiment will provide lots of entertainment
  • Shades of Green in Nature
    Shades of Green in Nature
    Colour is an excellent learning tool for children, and a thought starter for some great activities. Exploring the colours of the environment encourages their curiosity, develops their powers of perception, and helps them learn about cultures and seasons. The Colours in Nature blog series celebrates the natural colours that you can explore with your child. […]
  • Indoor Bowling Math Game
    Indoor Bowling Math Game
    On a rainy day, it’s not always easy to find indoor games for children that will keep them occupied for hours and help them burn off energy, too. But this 10 pin bowling set made from household objects is guaranteed to do both, and it’s a great maths activity, too. It’s super easy and fun […]
  • Science Games for Kids
    Science Games for Kids
    Children are, by nature, curious little things, and they’re very interested in the world around them. This is true right from the time they are newborns – when they become fascinated with bright lights – through to their late teens. Even when kids are not at school, they’re constantly learning – whether they are at […]
  • Shades of Yellow in Nature
    Shades of Yellow in Nature
    Exploring the colours of the environment is a brilliant way for children to broaden their minds, develop observational skills, and learn about different locations, seasons, and cultures. Our Colours in Nature blog posts encourage you to go outside with your kids, find colours together, and build fun activities around your discoveries. Develop your kids’ palette, […]

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Rain or shine, there’s plenty of fun kids can have outdoors, and the benefits of games and sports for kids is well-known – so use our ideas to get them outside! We’ve got plenty of ideas for sports games for kids, and our stain removal guides will make getting rid of mud or grass stains easy too!

No matter how old your kids are, there’s bound to be ways you can engage them in some active play. Even toddlers can feel the benefit of easy games for kids, and it’s a great way for you to have a little fun with your child and help them develop, too!

Show the whole family that exercise can be fun with our sports games for kids. There are many well-known benefits to daily physical activity for children and adults alike, so why not lead the whole family in a game of catch or tag?

Fun games for children are a great way to build their creativity, social skills and cognitive development – but it’s important to be safe as well. Make sure that you keep an eye on your little ones at all times, whether they’re playing indoors or out.