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Little boy covering his brother's eyes to surprise him with his birthday party decorations.

Tips for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Kids love parties as much as adults do, and they look forward to their birthday parties for weeks or even months! As the years pass by, your kid’s birthday parties will be occasions you will always remember – perfect occasions to preserve in your scrapbook. Organizing such a party requires spending some quality time with your family, creating a budget, and making lots of decisions.

You may have many questions – What is the best party location? What kind of birthday party supplies do I need? How should I decorate? Don’t worry – these useful tips will help you organise your kid’s birthday party. 

Kids Birthday Party

Plan in Advance for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

For a stress-free kid’s birthday party, you should start planning well in advance. Make a list of everyone you want to invite to your party, and also list out things you will need for the party itself, like birthday invitations, decorations, food, as well as thank you gifts for your child’s guests. You can save money by buying small return gifts in bulk, and by emailing invitations or making invitations or decorations by hand.

Choose a Location and Birthday Decorations

The most comfortable location for your child’s birthday party will be your own home – as long as it is big enough to accommodate all your guests! But if your guest number is large –more than 50 – choosing a venue or birthday party hall is a better idea. One plus is that some venues include the food as well as other fun activities for you. There are many affordable party halls from small to large with themes that will suit your budget.

Ask other moms for venue ideas, and think about possible venues in your area. A party isn’t a party without fun birthday decorations! Simple balloons and pretty paper decorations can make a room look festive and bright. Perhaps you and your child could make a personalised ‘Happy Birthday’ banner for the party? This would be a fun art and craft project, and you can use markers, crayons, and paints!

If your little ones get any ink or paint stains on their clothes, remember that the Stain Gang is here to help you get those stains out with ease.

Birthday Clothing and Accessories

So now our child's birthday day is finally nearing, and it is time for them to look their best! Choose a pretty dress or cloth with pretty designs and embroidery – this will make your daughter feel special. You can also match your birthday cake or birthday decorations to go with this special birthday dress, too. If you are planning a small party, you can buy a simple dress and add accessories like chains, earrings, bangles, or glitter on cheeks and eyes to make your daughter look and feel special.

Choose a Birthday Cake

The highlight of the party is the birthday cake! It is a magical moment for any child to see the birthday cake with flickering candles – not to forget the smiling faces all around, singing a birthday song and waiting for their turn to gift the birthday girl or boy! The time when the birthday child blows the candles out with a wish is always one of the highlights of the party.

Most kids love bright and colourful birthday cakes, and Disney themes are always popular. You can either bake your own birthday cake, asking your kid to help, or you can have the cake be a surprise. If you are ordering a cake from a bakery, make sure you order the cake a week beforehand, telling them the exact time for delivery and making any special requests for the appearance of your cake.

Many bakeries will have their own birthday cake themes, which will make it easy for you to choose one.

Birthday Party Supplies and Entertainment

Keep the birthday party supplies and entertainment simple, especially for younger children. Music, dance, and play ideas can all be planned beforehand. A good option for saving money is to provide snacks like chips, crisps, and fruit, along with a sweet treat! Scanning the market for discount meals and other ideas will be helpful. Activities like colouring, decorating muffins or biscuits, or another small arts and crafts project can be fun additions to a kid’s birthday party. Then, after a successful party, it is time to say goodbye.

After the party is over, a party bag with small gifts is one of the highlights of the party, and it's a great way to say thank you. You can get useful return gifts like pencil boxes, simple toys, and colouring books for kids at good prices in many toy shops and book shops.

So, are you now prepared for your kid’s birthday party? Do you have any other tips you’d like to share with us? Let us know below!

Guest post by Uma Maheswari Anandane, a mother of two kids, poet at Rhythmus and blogger at Perpetual Mind. She also blogs at Puducherry Information Home where she connects herself with her hometown.