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A ballet teacher correcting a young girl's feet as they practise in a dance studio.

A Fun Handmade Craft to Honour Teachers

Teachers play a huge part in molding our children’s characters ­­– in many cases not just providing them with a factual education, but also with moral guidance, inspiration, and support. The best teachers are role models that we can use as examples to our children, to reinforce the type of behaviour that we ourselves expect.

Teachers do so much to help our little ones achieve their potential and grow and develop – which is why Teachers’ Day on 5 September is so great. It’s a wonderful opportunity to show your child’s teacher how much your family cares! Teachers’ Day in India is a nationwide event, and a personal touch is what will make all the difference to your child’s teacher.

As a group effort, consider organising a class performance of Teachers’ Day poems, or put together a handmade book containing everyone’s favourite Teachers’ Day quotes.

Teachers' Day in India

Teachers’ Day Quotes and Poems

Here are some inspirational quotes and poems about the importance of teachers.

These are great for your kids to put in their cards or messages to their teachers on this special day.

Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher! You are a great teacher who makes learning fun and exciting! Wishing you every happiness on Teachers’ Day! You teach me every day, Patient and kind in every way, Thank you for helping me to learn and play, My debt to you I can never repay! Happy Teachers’ Day to the best teacher in the world! For your love and understanding Patience and support never-ending, I want to tell you, ‘Thank You, Teacher!’

I came into your class to learn and grow, And you have taught me so much with the love you show Happy Teachers’ Day! They say that ‘Experience is the best teacher’ But for me, having you as my teacher is the best experience! Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that grow forever! Thank you for guiding me on the path of knowledge! Happy Teachers’ Day!

A Teachers’ Day Bookmark

If your child wants to give an extra-personalised gift, perhaps he or she can make their teacher a special bookmark!


  • A photograph of your child
  • Coloured card stock or heavy paper
  • Self-adhesive plastic or a laminator
  • Some coloured wool or ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Hole punch


  • Make sure the image of your child is of them standing up, filling the height of a regular size photo. Cut around the outline of your child, so that there isn’t any background remaining. If you don’t have a suitable photograph of your child, perhaps have your child draw a picture of himself or herself on the front of the bookmark instead.
  • Take the coloured card stock or heavy paper and glue the image on to it.
  • Cut the coloured card in a vertical rectangle around the image, leaving a border of two centimetres at the top and the bottom.
  • Turn the rectangle over and let your child write their thank you message, one of our quotes on Teachers’ Day, or simply their name.
  • Now, cover both sides of the bookmark with self-adhesive plastic or laminate it. Cut off the excess plastic.
  • Punch a hole through in the centre of the top or bottom border and thread the lengths of wool or ribbon through it.
  • Plait or knot the ribbon or wool together to make a tassel.

If your child gets glue on his or her clothes, don't worry - the Stain Gang will help you remove those glue stains!

How are you going to celebrate Teachers’ Day? Let us know in the comments below! And a very Happy Teachers’ Day to all the teachers out there!

Thank you for all you do to help our little ones.