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Raksha Bandhan Images & Gifts to Celebrate the Holiday

Even though Raksha Bandhan comes only once a year, it is a festival that honours something we experience every day – the care and affection we feel for our siblings. Even as small children, the bond of brotherly and sisterly love represented by the rakhi is one that brings us simple happiness.

So it’s no wonder that both adults and kids alike spend so much time and effort seeking out thoughtful Raksha Bandhan gifts and images to make their brother, sister, cousin, or close friend feel extra-appreciated!

Here at Surf excel, we know how much families treasure the happy memories of this special day – so we have created fun Raksha Bandhan images you can use to celebrate the holiday together, as well as gift ideas that your kids will love to make and receive.

Happy Raksha Bandhan Images

On Raksha Bandhan, we celebrate the ties of love, trust, and protection between siblings. These mean that no matter how often we may quarrel with our brothers and sisters, or how little we see them, the bond between us remains both powerful and precious. Special Raksha Bandhan pictures make great e-cards to send to a brother who is far away, or special wallpaper for the family computer.

You can even print them off as decorations to hang up, or use them to make a collage! Surf excel has made some Raksha Bandhan images to celebrate the holiday – just click on the links below to download them.  

Raksha Bandhan images

Click here to download this Raksha Bandhan image as a pdf

Raksha Bandhan pictures

Click here to download this Raksha Bandhan picture as a pdf

Remember, however, that truly happy Raksha Bandhan images are the ones you take yourselves – so keep a camera ready as the rakhi is tied on! We'd love to see them: share stories and pictures of your Raksha Bandhan celebrations with us by posting or commenting on our Facebook page!

Raksha Bandhan Gifts

As parents, watching our little ones find gifts for each other, or for close cousins or friends, is one of the most touching aspects of Rakhi. This cute, shirt-shaped gift package isn’t just fun and easy for kids to make – it’s also a great way to make any of the Raksha Bandhan gift ideas below even more special.

You can either print off and use our Raksha Bandhan gift box template here, or let your child unleash their imagination and create their own design. They’ll love the opportunity to get a little messy and recreate their sibling’s favourite outfit, football team uniform, or make a design based on traditional Raksha Bandhan images – check out this Pinterest board for ideas!

Click here to download the Raksha Bandhan gift box template

How to Make a Raksha Bandhan Gift Box

Print off the Raksha Bandhan gift box template to suit your purpose. For a sturdy box for carrying sweets or coins, print each side off on a different sheet of A4 paper, then glue them back to back so that the dashed lines match up. Then cut around the template.

For a lighter box, simply set your printer to print the template on either side of one sheet. Then follow the steps below – use the numbers on the template to guide you along! If you need a little guidance, there are plenty of blogs and videos online to help you out – this one is very useful.

  1. With the pattern side down, cut along the lines marked (1) on the template, being sure to cut all along the dashed line.
  2. Fold the lines marked (2) into the centre line (3).
  3. Fold the top left corner of the paper down along line (4), away from the centre line (3). Do the same on the right.
  4. Fold the two corners back in again along the line marked (5). This makes the shoulders of the shirt.
  5. Turn the paper over. Fold the bottom of the sheet (the opposite side to the shoulders) up about two cms from the bottom, covering the cross-hatched area on line (6).
  6. Turn the paper over again, and flip it so that the shoulders are at the bottom. Fold the top corners of the paper into the centre along the lines marked (7). This makes the collar.
  7. Fold the shoulder section up towards the collar along line (8), and then unfold again.
  8. Fold the shoulder section up along line (9), and then unfold.
  9. Pull out the flaps created in step 1, and fold along line (10) to make the box flaps, reversing the folds made in step 7 and 8.
  10. Using glue or tape, fix the flaps (10) to both the shoulder and collar sections of the template. This should make both sections stand upright.
  11. To finish, tuck the top of the shirt section into the collar.

With stiff, careful folds the rest of your box should hold together easily – but feel free to apply glue to any sections you feel need reinforcing.

Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas for Kids

Raksha Bandhan gift ideas

Now your little ones can fill their Raksha Bandhan gift box with treats for their brother or sister! Here are some Raksha Bandhan gift ideas to try:

  • Sweets – Raksha Bandhan traditionally involves eating sweets to symbolise the sweetness of the brother-sister relationship. Why not try this eggless biscuit recipe together, or make small coconut barfi, and include them in the box as a gift?
  • Jewellery – Pretty hair clips and pins, bracelets, and necklaces are all popular gifts.
  • Small toys – There are plenty of small playground toys, keychains, and other small toys that kids will love to give and receive.
  • A puzzle – If you’re feeling extra-creative, you and your little one can make a jigsaw puzzle gift together. Try gluing one of the Raksha Bandhan pictures above onto card and then cutting it into puzzle pieces.
  • Messages – Unique, heartfelt notes make any Raksha Bandhan gift special: you can use our article on Raksha Bandhan messages for inspiration! These could either be written on the box, or included inside.

Don’t forget to include a card! You can even make one from scratch; take a look at our article on homemade Raksha Bandhan cards here for a step-by-step guide. And if you’d like to find out more about the festival, our guide to the history of Raksha Bandhan is a great introduction. No matter how you’re celebrating Rakhi this year, we wish you a wonderful day with your family!

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