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Parents’ Day Celebration in India:

Remembering the Child We Were, Before We Became Parents!

One month of excitement, one of elation, one of curiosity, one of expectation, one of decision-making, one of anxiety, one of preparation, one of precaution, and one of preparedness… That adds up to nine months of waiting followed by a lifetime of happiness when your little one is born! As a parent, you would agree that one can never really describe what it feels like to hold your own child in your arms until you are actually holding him or her!

Did you know that there is a day dedicated to parenthood? Aptly named as Parents’ Day, it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July every year. This year, Parents’ Day in India is on 28 July.

Here is a reflection on what it means to be a parent, and also some fun activities that you can do to celebrate Parents’ Day with your little ones!

That Beautiful Feeling of Being a Parent

The moment you first hold your child in your arms, life takes on a completely new meaning. It is at that moment when you realise that you have become a parent and you are responsible for the little being in your arms. Seeing your children grow, watching them take their first steps, helping them walk, waiting eagerly to hear the first ‘Maa’ or ‘Papa’ from them – all of these are such wonderful things!

Running around the house with a glass of milk, fussing while they eat, keeping a check on their diet, taking every precaution to keep them safe from germs and illnesses – you spend the entire day taking care of your kids without any complaints. No matter how many questions they ask, you answer each one patiently and as creatively as possible.

Along with your child, you grow, too, as a parent – even when things may be difficult or demanding!

Parents’ Day Cards: “We Want To Make Something For You!”

So, on Parents’ Day, if your little one wants to make you a gift like Parents’ Day cards, do not stop them. Yes they might stain their clothes with colours or ink in the card-making process, but that can be taken care of.

One look at what your child has made you and you shall forget everything about the stains – all that will remain will be sweet memories, feeling of happiness and pride. And something to treasure and look at many years down the line! If your child wants to make a special Parents’ Day card for you, then check out our article about card-making– encourage them to decorate the cards and write a special message to you! Yes, being a parent can be taxing at times – and, yes,  it will test your patience to extremes.

So for all those times when you keep track of everything your child eats, clean the house rigorously to keep it germ-free, spend sleepless nights for your kid, and everything else – this one day is dedicated to you! These are great reasons to celebrate Parents’ Day!

It Definitely Calls For A Parents’ Day Celebration!

How about a family lunch as a Parents’ Day celebration? For once, instead of healthy food, you can all indulge in some extra calories – perhaps spill some sauce on your clothes at the pizza place and then laugh out loud along with your sweetheart at your own clumsiness. Watch an animated movie that your kids have been excited about, eat some cheese popcorn, and enjoy some games with your little ones!

Spend quality time with them on this day, because time is precious. Maybe plan a special family weekend away for the 27 and 28 July! Plan a weekend get-away – pack an overnight bag and escape the city to go camping with your little ones. Enjoy nature – and don’t worry about getting dirty or messy! This way, you can help your children connect with nature and appreciate the natural world.

Here’s a secret ­– the best part of being a parent is that you get to be a kid all over again, so don’t worry about getting messy, too!

Thanking Your Children – A Fun Way to Celebrate Parent’s Day in India

For a different Parents’ Day celebration, consider buying some presents for your kids and thank them for making your lives so wonderful. Do something totally unexpected – maybe go out in a neighbouring park and play soccer with them! Kids love playing in puddles! A couple of mud spots should not matter, as long as your little ones are happy.

The stains can definitely be ignored because we can take care of them. As we say, if anything good happens by getting dirty, then daag achhe hain. You were once a child. So do not forget to wish your folks ‘Happy Parents’ Day’ on 28 July – maybe you could send them one of your kid’s homemade Parents’ Day Cards! Kids learn from their environment and by watching their elders – so your behaviour towards your parents will also form their opinion about you.

If you can, visit with your parents on this special day – having your children spend time with your parents will help your little ones become loving and caring individuals as they grow up.

Do you have any more stories to share on Parents’ Day in India? Write to us here!

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